Now Presenting: The 50 Sexiest Men Of 2014

The fifty men you’re about to fuck with your eyeballs are the subjects of this year’s most popular Quickie and Manhunt Daily Wood entries. No editorial input was taken into account while compiling this post, and while I’ve toyed with the idea of doing another Editor’s Picks round-up this year, most of the individuals who come to mind have already been featured on other Best of Manhunt Daily countdowns throughout the month.

(See last year’s four separate lists here.)

That said, if there’s anyone we’ve featured on the blog who you haven’t seen highlighted in our 2014 round-ups, this would be the time to speak up and let me know about it. We’ve still got the Hottest Cock Slut, Flip-Fucker of The Year and “Get Inside Me Now” awards coming up next week, but other than that and this year’s top 100 posts on New Year’s Eve, our Best of Manhunt Daily series is essentially over. The truth is, I can’t honor everyone, but recognition should be delivered where it’s due. Shout out the names of your favorite men. I’ll be listening, intently.

Before I shut the fuck up and leave less words for you to scroll past without reading, I’d like to address the whole situation with our Quickie and Manhunt Daily Wood features! Moving forward, there will be a more clear difference between the two—Quickie posts will be dedicated to gay porn solos while Manhunt Daily Wood posts will highlight slightly more traditional male model photo shoots that do not, in fact, include a cum shot. Does that distinction make sense, or am I just delirious from lack of sleep?

Eh, who cares?!?! Let’s jerk off to fifty of 2014’s hottest dudes.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Jack Adams

Take a look at the best Quickie and Manhunt Daily Wood posts of 2014 below:



Keith Milkie

We wrote: “As soon as you get a glimpse of Keith Milkie‘s stunning features and sturdy physique, you’re going to be inclined to make predictable comments about how you’d milk his balls dry. That’s okay, though! We had the very same reaction when we saw him here at Manhunt headquarters. The feeling only grew stronger after we did a little research and discovered he’s 6’4″ tall.”



Brock Hammer

We wrote: “I tried to contain myself when Brock Hammer showed up on Next Door Male toward the very end of last month. My dick immediately perked up at the sight of his meaty ass cheeks, and it was ten seconds away from taking over my fingers to write yet another hyperbolic entry about how Brock’s obviously the hottest human being on the planet. Over time, I’ve learned that containing yourself is overrated. My dick still expresses an urge to dance inside of Brock Hammer’s butthole.”



Kyle Krebs

We wrote: “Krebs is a perfect example that you don’t need to sacrifice your woofiness to maintain a universal sex appeal. I’m convinced he’ll be quite popular here on Manhunt Daily, but in the event that I’m wrong and you all wind up hating him, I’d like to imagine that he’ll be too busy snuggling with his boyfriend, booking modeling gigs and shooting hoops to read your lackluster comments.”




We wrote: “Apparently, Toni Sastre is a Spanish actor and dancer. I’m not saying ‘apparently’ out of skepticism that he is both or either of these things, but more so, because I look at him and only see someone I want to push against a wall and fuck repeatedly.”




We wrote: ‘Pretty’ was the first word that came to mind when I saw Jin Wang‘s latest model Anthony on my screen. It’s the sort of word that can be simultaneously complimentary and dismissive. I mean, sure! I recognized that he was aesthetically pleasing, but after those first few shots, he wasn’t doing anything to appeal to my libido… Nevertheless, I kept scrolling and scrolling to give him the benefit of the doubt. I hadn’t lost hope that he could give me a boner… The hope paid off.



Mike Stalker

We wrote: “Oliwer Mastalerz is a Polish designer with a lightly fuzzy, muscular body that I’d very much like to touch. He’s been recruited as a model for Brazilian brand Sergio K, and while I haven’t had much luck finding any English-language sites confirming this fact, my Portuguese translations seem to indicate that he is, indeed, a (smoldering hot) transgender man.”



Claudio Weyll

We wrote: “Claudio Weyll probably has a pretty big penis. This is just a hypothesis based on the prominent bulge in the front of his Calvin Klein briefs, assuming there wasn’t a fluffer on set making sure he was semi erect for every shot in his session with photographer Manny Fontanilla. There’s also the chance that he’s a shower, not a grower… But something tells me you wouldn’t be disappointed if he pulled out his dick and laid it gently onto your lips.”



Lolo Mari

We wrote: “It’s highly, highly, highly recommended that you click each of these images to zoom in and get a better look. You can practically taste Lolo on the tip of your tongue, imagining what it’d be like to lick the base of his shaft until it flops out of his briefs to thwack lightly against your chin. You can imagine sliding your hands across his smooth rump, oiling them up ’til they get all slippery.”



Adam Coussins

We wrote: “These days, Adam’s taking things easy and letting his uncut shaft dangle in a much more artistic shoot with photographer Billy Boyd. While these images aren’t as outwardly explicit as some of his other work, they bring to life a different type of fantasy that might appeal to you if you’ve got enough imagination to make it work.”



Willie Gomez

We wrote: “Willie Gomez is a model and dancer, currently performing alongside Ms. Britney Spears in Las Vegas. If he looks familiar, you might also recognize him from his gigs with Kylie Minogue, Ke$ha or Katy Perry. (His hips have been known to get around.) On top of that, he comes equipped with a huge, irresistible… Um, smile. It penetrates you with its warmth and stays in your brain forever.”



Jannik Knopp

We wrote: “My first instinct is to describe Jannik Knopp as a cross between Alexander Skarsgård and Ryan Gosling. When I was first introduced to him in this video, I was watching in a separate tab and became far, far too aroused upon hearing the following: ‘Hey, my name’s Jannik. I am from Hamburg, and I am with COLT… Lo and behold, my dreams of seeing this blond, bearded beauty getting spit-roasted on a mountaintop by Dirk Caber and Bob Hager were quickly crushed after I double-checked and saw that he’s represented by Kult Modeling Agency



Junior Lazarotti

We wrote: “Junior Lazarotti‘s butt was the main selling point for me. Sure, there are plenty of other things to love about him—from his lean physique to his soulful eyes—but I’d be lying if I said I liked anything else more than his butt. It’s all cute and perky with the type of over-the-top tan lines that drive me over the edge for some weird reason.”



James Guardino

We wrote: “I want to say the first thing I noticed about underwear model James Guardino was his especially powerful jawline, but looking back to this post I wrote about him over four years ago, there were other thoughts on my mind as soon as I laid my eyes on this absurdly handsome man. As you might predict, those thoughts involved his dick inside of me… Because apparently, my one track mind hasn’t evolved or rerouted over nearly half a decade? Nope. Not at all.”



Buck Santiago

We wrote: “Buck Santiago has that gay porn ‘it’ factor. At first glance, his look reminded me of sites like Randy Blue and Men At Play, but after examining his chiseled physique a bit longer, there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s a future COLT ICON in the making. Every inch of him is pure masculine perfection, echoing the legacy of models like Terry Delong, Anthony Page and Sam Dekker.”




We wrote: “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away—also known as this blog in 2011—we wrote about shaggy-haired, Brazilian model Franklin David… Still, I think these latest pictures from Junior magazine might be his best yet! Limited research on my part has indicated that he’s revealed more skin in the past, but there’s something about his hair and/or beard here that makes me want to fuck his solid muscle ass more than I ever did before.”




We wrote: “The first time I saw Trelino, I was taken aback by how cute and innocent he looked. (Like, really! He’s  just plain adorable.) It would have never occurred to me that, somewhere down the line, I’d see him take Boomer Banks‘ totally humongous, 10-inch schlong up his butt. It also would have never occurred to me that I’d be so turned on watching his facial expressions shift from ‘ouch’ to ‘ooh’ within a very short period of time.”



Mark Curry

We wrote: “Once upon a time, a horny blogger stumbled upon pictures of a handsome, Australia-based model who stands at 6’2″ and weighs 196 pounds. He dragged some of his favorite shots into a folder upon his desktop… Time passed, and our faithful hero discovered the folder on one miraculous Wednesday afternoon, as he cleaned up a bunch of old shit from his computer. He gasped. He swooned. He tried to prevent himself from touching himself from under his desk. He may or may not have failed.”



Nick Cheney

We wrote: “Shortly after writing about the new issue of tMF Magazine, I headed over to The Male Form to see what editor Dylan Rosser‘s been up to lately. Turns out? He’s been taking nude photos of guys who look like this. Marshall, who’s known as Nick Cheney in some other parts, is this month’s featured model on the site. Rumor has it that he has a big, uncut cock! (The rumors are true.)”




We wrote: “Robert‘s a 27 year-old guy from London who has a very casual attitude toward modeling. He stands at 6’1″ and 181 pounds with a dash of scruff, a hairy chest and the kind of deep blue eyes that sparkle without any aid from Photoshop. While he doesn’t have a chiseled six pack or biceps the size of your waist, he’s got the sort of fit, natural build that some of you might actually prefer.”



Chad White

We wrote: “The last time you saw Chad White on Manhunt Daily, he was walking down a runway with a very prominent boner. The bad news is that, far too late, we discovered that the picture was fake. The silver lining in this cloud is that, while most of us won’t ever have the opportunity to see him with a full-blown erection, Chad White isn’t exactly lacking in the package department.”




We wrote: “There are quite a few reasons I chose Canadian model and actor Jonathan Dufour as this week’s Manhunt Daily Wood. A few of them are obvious, if you know anything about where my taste in men tends to gravitate—the beard, the hairy chest, the hairy pits, the hairy legs, the hairy ass and an overwhelming amount of places I want to lick. However, a few other factors might be less obvious!”



Walter Savage

We wrote: “Fuzzy, muscular model Walter Savage popped up on our Facebook page earlier this week. As soon as I laid my eyes on him, I knew he was the man to break our recent Manhunt Daily Wood drought. It was the last shot in this post, however, was what really sealed the deal for me. You might as well just scroll down and take a look right now. It’s pure perfection.”



Jared Allman

We wrote: “All it took was some chest hair poking out of the collar of his shirt, and I was head over heels in love with Jared Allman. When our pal at Man Crush Blog tweeted us a link to his interview with the openly gay actor, I nearly fell off my chair upon seeing the first picture. From that chiseled jaw to those soulful brown eyes, everything just came together in such a magical, swoon-worthy way.”



Zachary Crane

We wrote: “You met artist Zachary Crane a few months ago in our Drawn To You series. He’s an insanely handsome person with a dark, weird side that makes him all the more endearing, and that became even more apparent in his new, playful shoot with photographer Gabriel Gastelum (who’s quickly becoming a Manhunt Daily favorite).”



Levi Jackson

We wrote: “Male model Levi Jackson was a huge hit when we first featured him as the Manhunt Daily Wood. The response might be mixed now that he’s abandoned his clean-cut look for a bushier beard that could give Rich Kelly a run for his money, but we’re willing to take that risk for the sake of important masturbatory research.”


25. CHAD:


We wrote: “I’m trying to avoid getting my hopes up that Chad will eventually appear in a hardcore scene, considering Hudson and so many others have let us down in that regard… But maybe Chad’s different? It hasn’t been that long since his solo came out, so there’s still the teensiest bit of a chance he’ll go all the way. Maybe. Possibly. Probably not.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Chad went all the way, and he did it with Blake, Eddie and Tanner.


24. DREW:


We wrote: “The good folks at The Guy Site say that Drew has one of the biggest dicks to ever appear on the site. This wouldn’t be particularly surprising—since the site traditionally doesn’t discriminate based on penis size—but I find myself exercising some skepticism with men like Thor and Terrance on the roster. I won’t know for sure until all of them have taken turns drilling my tight, hairy ass one after the other. This is the only solution.”




We wrote: “Jake Orion is a trim, 20 year-old newcomer with piercing blue eyes and a massive dong swinging between his legs. The good folks at Randy Blue don’t even bother bragging about how many inches he’s packing, because they realize you have eyes and can see the damn thing for yourself. “Big” is all you really need to know. His shaft’s impressively thick with a nice downward curve and a pair of low-hangers dangling below.”




We wrote: “I believe Julian could accurately be described as a ‘muscle bear’. My new pal C. Dick shot me a link to this shoot in CHARACTER magazine by Some French Guy, and as soon as I saw the cover, I knew he was destined to become this week’s Manhunt Daily Wood. Those crystal blue eyes! That salt and pepper beard! That spectacularly hairy chest coating a pair of muscular pecs with oh-so-lickable nipples! Without a doubt, this guy’s the total package and then some.”



David G. Kara

We wrote: “It was a wild ride for David G. Kara to become this week’s Manhunt Daily Wood. First off, I reblogged one of his pictures on Manhunt‘s Tumblr without realizing it was him. Then, shortly after I stumbled upon his modeling portfolio in a completely different context and had that oh-so-familiar feeling of déjà vu… And it turns out? It wasn’t just the photo I reblogged that seemed so familiar.”



Curtis for Corbin Fisher

We wrote: “There’s plenty to love about Curtis! He’s got an approachable jock-next-door look, with an ass you’re sure to see spread wide open in an upcoming I’ve Never Done This Before post. His dick looks like it’d be fun to swallow down, while tugging lightly on his smooth sack… And you know what? I like that he’s in good shape, but not overly chiseled like an action figure. He could ‘give me’ anal sex whenever he wanted.”



Ryan Young

We wrote: “Every now and then, I have a tendency to forget that a simple nude photo shoot can hold as much erotic power as a hardcore gay porn clip. It’s all in the power of suggestion. When I see a picture of Ryan Young with his legs hanging off the bed, cropped carefully right above his equipment, my first instinct is to picture myself (or someone else) filling out the rest of the scene between his legs…”



Diego Sans

We wrote: “I’d like to celebrate the fact that Diego’s comfortable enough in his own skin to imitate Beyoncé one minute then, shortly after, aggressively throat-fuck his scene partner. I’d like to celebrate that he’s not hung up on labels and roles which consistently pollute the gay community’s consciousness—masculine vs. feminine, top vs. bottom and everything beyond that.”



Jess Vill

We wrote: “French model Jess Vill was elected Mister Men France for 2014, so obviously, we’re not the only ones who believe he has the ‘it’ factor. His dream is to deliver an iconic campaign for an underwear, swimwear or sportswear line, and while we’d love to stay here and chat about that some more, you’ve probably got one question and one question only on your mind—does he look good naked? The answer is a whole lot of ‘yes’.”



Ryan Ball

We wrote: “As far as Ryan Ball‘s concerned, two things about him really stand out here. You’ll note that whether it’s natural or the way these photos are edited, his eyes have a twinkle that pierces through your soul and consequently turns your soul into a raging power bottom. Then there’s that light dusting of fur across his chiseled physique. His treasure trail is downright delectable, and anyone’s who into licking armpits can probably agree that they’d spend a good amount of time going to town on his.”



Bruno Miles

We wrote: “Bruno Miles is, in fact, the hottest man I have seen in ten billion years. You are welcome to doubt the validity of this statement—especially considering I haven’t been alive for ten billion years—but you can’t doubt the way my dick‘s feeling right now. Bruno Miles is stupidly hot. His dick is the perfect size for me, his cheeks and his hole are calling my name, and damnit, I love his stupidly hot face with its stupidly pretty eyes and stupidly pretty lips.”


14. DUKE:


We wrote: “On the glorious date of May 17, a clean-cut jock named Duke entered our lives. My initial reaction was to dismiss him as yet another pretty face on a site full of pretty faces and perfect bodies. Little did I know, he might have actually been the hottest model to appear on Sean Cody in 90 billion years (or at least within 2014).”




We wrote: “For reasons unbeknownst to me, model and underwear designer Todd Sanfield has never appeared as the Manhunt Daily Wood. As much as I would love to blame this on his legendary unfulfilled promise to spread his butt cheeks for us, it has a lot more to do with us being big dummies who don’t know how to recognize hotness when we see it (even though we’ve featured him approximately 900,000 other times on this blog).”



Guy Gulotta

We wrote: “As if it were pure magic, Guy Gulotta floated into my life. He rested his hand on my cheek, looked deep into my eyes and assured me that everything would be okay now that I’ve seen his pubes… Okay, so none of that actually happened! But I did stumble upon his modeling portfolio and immediately realized he was the one.”



Jarec Wentworth

We wrote: Jarec Wentworth fucks everyone like his dick’s specifically meant for their hole. His uncut shaft slides gracefully inside of them, hitting all the sweet spots and making his partners moan in pleasure. From his creampie extravaganzas on Sean Cody to his condom-only crossover on Randy Blue, this has been consistently clear in every single video he’s ever made.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Things have gone downhill for Jarec since then.



Anthony Moufarej

We wrote: “If you are a gay male human with an internet connection, you may have seen Anthony Moufarej‘s shots for C-IN2 floating around at some point. (You may have even seen them in this post.) To give you some context, Moufarej is a Lebanese-born fellow living in Canada. He started practicing a couple martial arts like MMA, boxing, kickboxing and grappling and started modeling shortly after.”



Dominic Santos

We wrote: “As some of you have already noted, it’s downright preposterous that Randy Blue newcomer Dominic Santos has found himself in ninth place on this week’s round of The Ten… What’s stopping you from voting for him? Was it the unflattering angle of his autofellatio portrait, which I used as his main image for the countdown? Are you jealous that he can suck his own dick?”



Kirill Dowidoff

We wrote: “Kirill Dowidoff is related to one of the sexiest men on the planet. His cousin, Roman Dawidoff, acted as the official model for the 2014 Circuit Festival in Barcelona, and our weekly countdown of the sexiest men, he spent a whopping nine weeks on top of the charts… If you do your research, you’ll see that he’s a little less shy than his cousin Roman when it comes to showing off his hindquarters.”



David Pevsner

We wrote: “We’re here to talk about David Pevsner. The openly gay stage, film and television actor has become ‘shameless‘ with his nude pictures over the past two months, which is good, because he has absolutely no reason to be ashamed of his body.”



Montgomery Creason

We wrote: “Those lips! There are things I want to say about Montgomery Creason‘s lips that I feel oddly compelled to hold back, solely because he’s a male model who might not be comfortable with me objectifying him to that degree. Arguably, I shouldn’t be treating any of the men I write about here like pieces of meat—unless they like to be treated that way—but sometimes you really want to compliment someone on their amazing lips and make a statement about how great they’d look wrapped around your dick.”



Dario Beck

We wrote: “Imagine for a second if one of those pretty boy models read the comments on Manhunt Daily and actually listened to your feedback that he should grow out his body hair. That would result in Dario Beck. Much like his gay porn peers Shawn Wolfe and Jimmy Fanz, he toes the line between rugged fuzziness and a traditionally handsome existence. On top of that? He might also be the most charming man alive.”




We wrote: “A Manhunt Daily reader tipped us off to some previously unseen photos of Mr. Harris. Photographer Calvin Brockington captured the charmingly handsome fitness model rocking various styles of briefs and jockstraps, and he even got a few shots of Saul canoodling with fellow model DW Chase. While we might not ever get to see him in the hardcore scene of our dreams, it’s almost enough to see him miming intimacy with another man. The key word here is ‘almost’.”



Seth Fornea

We wrote: “Ginger sex god Seth Fornea ranked first place on our list of the 100 Sexiest Men of 2013, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or Courtney Love) to figure out how that happened. Seth’s got the kind of body that could convert even the most devout skeptics into redhead lovers. His thighs are thicker than his head, leading up to a perfectly round ass that’s solid as a rock. His lightly fuzzy torso is a dream come true, and it doesn’t hurt his case that he’s outrageously handsome with a killer smile.”



Roman Dawidoff

We wrote: “You became briefly acquainted with Roman Dawidoff in last week’s post about circuit parties. As the story goes, he looked so good in the promo shots for the 2014 Circuit Festival that I had no choice but to do some more research on him. My painstaking research methods included taking off my pants, fiddling around with my junk and doing a Google image search to locate more pics.”



Alex Minsky for Jack Adams

We wrote: “Remember Alex Minsky, the stunning former US marine who lost his right leg while serving in Afghanistan? Well, Jack Adams has brought him on board to represent their brand, and with no disrespect to previous models Harijs Broza or Dylan Austin Scott, I’ve never wanted to buy a pair of their underwear more than I do today.”



39 thoughts on “Now Presenting: The 50 Sexiest Men Of 2014

  1. How Minsky could be #1 is beyond me. His face and body are beautiful, but those hideous tattoos drag him down and negate the appeal.. To each his own, but this mystifies me.

  2. Not particularly bland as there are some interesting characters but seriously lacking color. Sean Xavier and the like would have been great inclusions for example.

  3. Too right. Tatts and beards do absolutely nothing for me. There are so few models and porn performers who attract me these days.
    @ Lillis, yeah Sean Xavier. Now there is a man for me.

  4. You could find 50 better looking men on most nude/model sites on the web(of which there are hundreds). YAWN!

  5. A few things: First of all #13, Todd Sanfield, is the sexiest man on this list. Second, as hot as Roman Dowidoff is, his cousin Kirill is hotter to me. #4 Saul Harris does things to me…down there! Finally, where in the actual fuck is Paul Wagner on this list?


  7. I am not disagreeing with you! Jordan never got featured in our Manhunt Daily Wood or Quickie series this year, so he wasn’t eligible for this particular list…

    That said, you said it for me – he wasn’t filmed to his full potential in 2014. If that’s the case, it wouldn’t exactly make sense to include him on a list like this.

  8. Oh, you know, I’m sure it has nothing to do with him being a veteran who lost a leg in combat, overcame adversity and became a very successful fashion model.

    Also, the tattoos are there to cover his BURN SCARS, so maybe you should put your anti-tattoo crusade on hold for a moment and acknowledge that maybe they serve a purpose.

  9. Chris Hemsworth made our list of the best naked male celebrities:

    Both him and Jessy were never featured in the Quickie or Manhunt Daily Wood series, hence why they are not on this particular list.

    If I were to make a separate Editor’s Picks list – and that’s a big “if” right now – I would love to honor Jessy, since he hasn’t made a single Best of Manhunt Daily list this year.

    Part of that has to do with his comeback occurring later in the year. Since most of these rankings are based on traffic alone, he didn’t have enough time to bring in more hits.

  10. I’m well aware of his background and have great respect for his service. Yes, I’m sure some of his tattoos serve the purpose of covering scars, which I can fully understand, but not all of them. I’ll give him a pass, but no one else. And I will not get off my anti-tattoo soapbox; they have ruined the appeal of far too many otherwise beautiful male models the last few years. And I’m hardly the only one who feels that way.

  11. OK Point made Randy Blue needs to let him get gang banged, that would fix things his is hot as hell but not a good top

  12. I don’t really give a shit if he’s thrilled or not — and fuck your sarcasm. He doesn’t deserve my approval because he’s a model who happens to be handicapped. I would think he’d want to be voted for on an equal basis with the others. If I don’t happen to like tattoos I wouldn’t vote for him to be in the #1 position, no matter how beautiful his face or body is. You don’t have to approve, but then if you only want feedback that is in agreement with your choices you’re in the wrong business.

  13. And if you only want responses that agree with your bullshit opinion, then you’re reading the wrong fucking blog.

    There was no “voting” for this countdown. It was all based on traffic, so while you might not be alone on hating tattoos, you’re also not in the majority. We did not manipulate the numbers just because he’s handicapped. He won this fair and square, by a solid lead.

    Also, you know what? Maybe you could consider stating your “feedback” with the slightest ounce of tact, and you wouldn’t have to deal with responses like this.

    It’s not what you’re saying. It’s how you’re saying it.

  14. I know perfectly well it wasn’t a vote. If the results are based on traffic and popularity of the model. then the non-tattoo’d models — 36 out of the 50 here — are clearly the majority and the most popular. If you think Minsky doesn’t get more attention (hits) because of his unusual physical condition you’re delusional. He could very well have had the most hits and feedback; it doesn’t surprise me. He’s an amazing man.That, however, has no correlation to the popularity of tattoos in general. I recently polled 40 of my gay friends (of all ages): five didn’t mind them and two thought they were hot. Scientific and conclusive? No, but a fair reading of public opinion. As for “tact,” you could take up that argument with almost every response here. And use some yourself.

  15. You are a silly cunt arguing with a moderator on whether or not your opinions on tattoos are valid. Who gives a fuck?

  16. Thank you for having Jake, Chad and Duke on your list but Duke actually came to our lives on another site: he was Navy Boy on *Bareback Blonds* and Ezra from *Naked Frat House*.

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