Colby’s Crew: William Moore Gives Teddy Torres “Room Service”

This right here, THIS, is the kind of room service which should be available in your finer hotels. Do you hear me, W? The guys start fondling and kissing, feeling each other’s’ body curves and bulges. Then the pace slows down dramatically. They move sensually, slowly, as William lays down on the bed and Teddy […]

Colby’s Crew: Teddy Torres And Zac Hunter Buddy Up

The boys are making a getaway cabin into a sordid den of lust! Teddy Torres and Zac Hunter are among the guests and get into it. On the stairs. That’s horny cuz’ fucking in stairs isn’t comfortable. It’s cum desperation. As things are getting heated, the guys decide to exit the room, leaving dreamy sleeping […]

Colby’s Crew: Plumber Aleks Buldocek Gives Drew Hill The Pipe

Strawberry blonde twinkie Drew Hill is making quite a splash over at Colby’s Crew. He’s the newbie who’s found himself in some of their best-selling scenes. It’s easy to see why. He brings a “golly, gee, that’s a big cock!” – type naivete to his scenes that’s refreshing and hot. You kind of want to […]

Colby’s Crew: Brett Dylan Bets His Ass

How much do I love that main pic? It reminds me of dogs playing poker except hot. In the latest Colby’s Crew scene, rough and ready Aleks Buldocek and Jonah Fontana make Brett Dylan pay his poker debt the hard way. On the table, on all fours, ass cheeks spread. I’d probably watch those stupid […]

It’s 25% Off When You Join Colby’s Crew!

I want to join Colby’s Crew. I’d take (and get in) any position in which Colby wanted me! Hell, I’d be the waterboy. As long as it meant Colby would use my face as a seat for his beefy bare ass, my mouth as a holster for his big, hard, throbbing cock, and my ass, […]

Colby’s Crew: Alexander Pierson And Andrew Are “Study Buddies”

This is Alexander Pierson and Andrew’s idea of studying. Let me tell you – my study sessions in high school (when I did study) were usually with a girl who was acne-scarred as I was, and neither of us were sexin’ on each other. Studying isn’t that sexy. Maybe if I had been teamed with […]

Here’s Some Behind-The-Scenes Action From An Upcumming Colby’s Crew Scene!

You guys were very into Skyy Knox when I posted about his scene with a fellow Sky(e Manuel) the other day. He’s hot as fuck, and he’s co-starring with my beefy lover Colby Jansen in an upcoming scene for Colby’s Crew. Here’s some behind-the-scenes clips and pics because who doesn’t want to see Colby Jansen […]

Colby’s Crew: This Is Going To Be Quite A Story For The School Paper

I’m a little annoyed. I’ve interviewed Colby Jansen a couple of times and it DID NOT end in Colby sucking my crank, sitting on my face, deep-dicking me until I was left a crumpled, cum-soaked rag on the floor! The latest Colby’s Crew scene features new guy Mickael Storm interviewing Colby for the Sports section […]

Colby’s Crew: Colby Jansen Breaks In Kevin David

Oh, Colby Jansen. I dream of you. That time you drove me back to the hotel after your shoot…. And I thought “I am sitting in Colby Jansen’s car. Colby Jansen is sitting less than a foot beside me. Colby’s cock, ass, and the rest of him are so very close. Do I offer to […]