Huge Cocks: Wesley Woods Tries To Help Adam Thicke With His “Dancing”

He ain’t called “Adam Thicke” for nothin’! Adam Thicke is strapped for cash and finds an open dancer position at the local gay bar. His roommate Wesley Woods assists him with learning the moves and the ways of the sceneóand primes that cock for all the ass itíll get once he lands the job. It […]

Hunter Marx Finds Out Why He’s Called “Adam Thicke”

Oh, TitanMen. You find the burliest, beefiest, sexiest slabs of cock! It’s the newest chapter of BOOM. Hunter Marx and Adam Thicke compare dicks, ass gets eaten, and then ass gets fucked. Get you some more by clicking here. Hunter Marx – Twitter Adam Thicke – Twitter – Michael Xavier

Luke Adams And His New Beard Exfoliate Adam Thick’s Hot Body

FUN FACT: “Exfoliate” could also be construed as a euphemism for “fuck” in this case. Stroking his cock, Adam Thicke gets distracted by smooth Luke Adams and joins him in the pool. Luke wraps his legs around the hairy stud, the two kissing before hopping out—Adam’s thick, uncut piece dripping wet. “You’re such a tease,” […]

Jason Vario and Jack Hunter Bond Over The Piss Bucket

Foreman Adam Thicke has a tool that Hunter Mark canít put down, the hairy stud’s own jock strap bursting at the seams before he gets his ass owned. And this all starts at the construction site’s piss bucket! They met over a piss bucket! Jason Vario and Manhunt Daily all-star Jack Hunter (I tend to […]

7 Questions: Sean Zevran

Sean Zevran. SEAN ZEVRAN. When you think of “Sean Zevran,” several words come mind. PORN might be one. FACE. BODY. But one word comes to mind for me when I think about Sean Zevran. COCK. That COCK. That beautiful beast. Sean just won “Gay Performer Of The Year” at the 2017 XBIZ AWARDS, and with […]

Now Presenting: The 50 Sexiest Men Of 2014

The fifty men you’re about to fuck with your eyeballs are the subjects of this year’s most popular Quickie and Manhunt Daily Wood entries. No editorial input was taken into account while compiling this post, and while I’ve toyed with the idea of doing another Editor’s Picks round-up this year, most of the individuals who […]

Popular Demand: The Week of Long Weekends & Longing For A Deep, Hard Fuck

Welcome to a very special post-Labor Day edition of Popular Demand! Today’s the day to catch up on everything you missed while you were out on vacation or too busy dreaming about your vacation to read our damn blog, and here’s a big shocker—you missed a whole lot of dicks and butts. Colby Jansen and […]

A Smooth, Slim Bottom For You To Fuck.

There are vicious rumors (perpetuated by my own behavior) that I’m exclusively interested in fuzzy dudes with thicker builds, facial hair and perhaps most widely known, hairy asses. These are lies, all lies! Some of the best sex I’ve had has been with guys who have shaved or naturally smooth holes, just going down on […]