Gay Ass Gossip: Robin Thicke Caught With His Hand Up Someone’s Ass, And It Wasn’t His Wife’s

ITEM – Direct your attention to the far left of that pic. Exhibit #A! Robin Thicke was at some post-VMAs party and was snapped trying to fist this girl. Reflective surfaces are the worst. Well, it’s not like he didn’t look like the type to be finger-blasting randoms…


Doesn’t he sort of WORK that whole skeevy look? Open shirt, bragging about his dick. It’s almost 70s. He better watch out, though. His wife comes off as a tough Amazonian-type. (via DListed)

– J. Harvey

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ITEM – Sexy-ass Josh Duhamel‘s a daddy. I wish he was my daddy. The kind that spanks. What? Anyway, his wife is Fergie, and she spawned forth the unfortunately named Axl Jack Duhamel via c-section this week. Yeah, I don’t care either but he’s hot. He’s been hot since he was Leo on All My Children, and he went over the waterfall trying to save Greenlee from his harridan mother. He was even hot on Las Vegas, and that show is shown in the RMV waiting area in Hell. Don’t get me started on Transformers. He wasn’t as hot as Megatron, but still – hot.



ITEM – Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine was treated like a total slutbag by his domme. Mistress Ilsa had had enough of his whining. So she forced him to strut his bod in a skimpy pair of briefs for a photo and then she auctioned his ass off on Instagram. Dominatrixes don’t play. Poor Adam. He’s been purchased by a group of burly mountain men to serve as a fuckboy. Still a better gig than being a judge on The Voice, though.



5 thoughts on “Gay Ass Gossip: Robin Thicke Caught With His Hand Up Someone’s Ass, And It Wasn’t His Wife’s

  1. From his VMA performance, it’s evident that Thicke has gotten a little thick in the middle. 36 and tubby isn’t hot. 36 and ripped is. Hit the treadmill RT.

    And yes. Duhamal is hot as fuck. Ditch the cabbagepatchface wife (i.e. beard.)

  2. I love Robin thicke thick yumm that ass was amazing in those pants and he can finger my ass anytime

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