5 Reasons Colby Jansen Was Nominated For A “Performer Of The Year” Grabby

When the Grabbys nominations were announced last week, I felt very little surprise that Colby Jansen was nominated for “Performer Of The Year” (in addition to being nominated for “Hottest Top”). Jansen is a singular performer in the industry, and he deserves to be honored for his skills, his work, his determination and dedication to his craft, and just for being one of the hottest fuckers out there. Regular readers of Manhunt Daily know right off the bat that he’s my favorite. With good reason! Colby’s work has inspired some of MY best work when it comes to jerking off. His beefy body, sweet cock, unbelievable ass, and jock-melting grin combine for the ultimate porn performer. He launched his own site, Colby’s Crew, late last year, providing us with even more reasons to jizz over him. Here’s five reasons why Colby deserves his noms, and should have been nominated for even more. How he missed out on “Manly Man” is beyond me. Get with it, Grabbys.

Michael Xavier

1. Colby’s very solicitous of his co-stars. I was privileged to twice have the opportunity to be on-set for the filming of two Colby’s Crew scenes. Most recently, I was witness to the most beautiful beef in the world (Colby and Jaxton Wheeler) get together, and I do mean together. Jansen and Wheeler are old friends, but it was still evident that Colby is the very opposite of self-involved and stingy when it comes to the work. There was a gentleness about his manner that was striking despite the intensity of the fucking going on in that room.

Last summer, I was there when Colby filmed with porn newbies Brett Dylan and Drue Hill. These two are smalltown boys, right out of the wrapper, and visibly nervous. But Colby was almost fatherly with them, walking them through the action, making suggestions, giving praise. He really went out of his way to make them comfortable.

For example:

The result was The Internship, Part 4 and their chemistry showed. It’s a sterling example of how hot “daddy tames twinks” can be. And that’s chiefly due to Colby’s experience and his willingness to share it with the next generation.

2. He’s a jock and it shows. Colby’s very masculine and he’s a total sports dude. He played semi-pro rugby for several years and he’s built like Castle Grayskull. I don’t know what that means except I’m sick of the “brick shithouse” simile. Colby’s Crew’s theme is sports and that’s all butch and masculine and stuff and it really adds to the goings-on. Pics of Colby on the rugby pitch are almost as hot as nude ones. Almost. That sportsman background brings something very unique to his scenes. It’s very “all man,” even when he’s getting a dick in that big, beautiful butt.

3. He can fuck. Colby has been doing this for awhile. He knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. That’s why the guys who bottom for him look like their heads are going to explode when he’s railing them.

4. When he became versatile. Colby first bottomed for his old bosses at MEN with his pal, the now sadly retired Tommy Defendi.

It was a big deal for him cuz’ it seemed like an unheard of prospect for his fans. Colby Jansen taking it in the ass? And liking it? NO WAY. WAY. I’m pretty sure he’s a top at heart, but he’s really gotten into getting fucked in the past couple of years. And I think he’s bottomed for Colby’s Crew almost as much as he’s topped. Let’s face it. That ass was made for fucking.

5. And finally – THAT BUTT. That butt alone should be nominated for SOMETHING. I should probably have my own awards show. Colby’s beefy, muscular bod is just beyond but it’s that ass that’s become my obsession. Big, round, muscular but bouncy. It’s a MAN’S ass and it’s perfect. And watching it flex and squeeze as its owner drills a scene partner is heavenly.

*sigh* I wish he’d shoot a spanking scene. There’s my case for Colby Jansen winning every award everywhere. Check out his current work at Colby’s Crew by clicking here.