On Set: Exclusive Footage Of Colby Jansen, Brett Dylan, And Drew Hill For Colby’s Crew

The most POPULAR scene series on Colby’s Crew has been “The Internship.” Colby Jansen‘s looking for interns. And when you’re Colby Jansen, your interview process isn’t exactly the norm. You probably won’t see this as a “how-to” in Forbes. (Unless Forbes suddenly got very readable.) In fact, as potential interns Brett Dylan and Drew Hill have discovered, you need to give it your ALL. In this case, “all” translates as letting Colby pound your perky twink ass into prostate-hammered oblivion. Part 4 features a threeway with the boss man bending the newbies over the leather couch in his study and making his final decision. WITH HIS COCK.

I was on the set that day and got some behind-the-scenes footage of all the fantastic fuckery. In the clips below, you’ll see Colby posing for photos while still mounted within the boys. And ginger-haired Colby’s Crew newcummer Drew taking both Colby’s and real-life boyfriend Brett’s cocks in his ass at the same time. These aren’t pics you’re going to see in the family album. Unless your family is into hot gay porn.

You can see more of “The Internship” (don’t forget, Part 3 features the scarred sexy of Jackson Grant) over at Colby’s Crew!

Michael Xavier

p.s. You can see the official teaser for The Internship, Part 4 at the very bottom.