Yes, Sir Peter, Sir!

Alan Vicenzo is the newest employee at a marketing PR agency based in Europe. On his way for a break, Sir Peter decides to go check in on him. Alan has noticed Sir Peter; frequently gazing at him and the visible huge cock outlined in his trousers.

Sir Peter invites Alan for a tour of the new break room, which he contends seems out of place in a corporate office. When they enter the break room, Sir Peter tries to gauge Alan’s reaction to the seductive neon lights and sofa in the middle of the room.

Alan smiles with his mouth open, astonished, and says without thinking: “It literally looks like a cruising club.” Alan turns to his colleague, speechless. He can’t believe he has said that in front of Sir Peter, who smiles back mischievously.

Ready to get down to “real business” with the young muscular stud, Sir Peter starts asking him questions while taking small steps toward him. He can feel Alan’s nervous breath and shivering body and takes out a leather blindfold to put it over his eyes.

Sir Peter plays with the blindfolded Alan and makes him edge a few times. Then, Alan gets tied up and ordered to get on his knees. The submissive stud responds “Yes Sir!” and complies nervously but also exhilarated.

While still tied, he gets face-fucked by Sir Peter’s huge cock, then bent over on the leather sofa only to get his trousers ripped for access to his bubble butt leading to a cum filled fuck session and facial.

Alas, Alan has discovered that at this agency, white-collar studs often step out of the boardroom and into the backroom (breakroom)! Or has he?


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