Yay for George Takei!

I love George Takei. When I first started following his official accounts I was expecting about as much as you would from any official feed. You know the usual hype and marketing that people in the public eye like to publish but damn it is Mr. Takei funny. I sincerely hope it is the man’s own wit that brought my FB feed gems like today with “I wouldn’t have immediately seen how these events were fellated.”

He’s a master of puns and from what I can garner a true champion of the people. If you don’t know who he is then I’m sorry but you are lost. Since publicly coming out in 2005 and for many years before, Mr. Takei has used his celebrity status to push the righteous agenda of life and love sans prejudice and xenophobia. Besides you’ve gotta love a guy with class and sass.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this but the dude’s awesome and I wish I had been more aware of him before because honestly his posts alone are reason enough to join the ubiquitous personal data grab that is Facebook. Not to mention that he was sexy as fuck when he was young and has aged more gracefully than most any other guy.


Image courtesy of Huffington Post

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