A Weekend of Debauchery!

A group of my closest friends and I are heading up to Montreal tonight for a weekend of debauchery! It’s a short flight from Boston – only 45 minutes; which means I’ll probably be shit-faced by 11:00 PM.

I don’t party much (wink, wink).. but I’m REALLY looking forward to a weekend out with friends in Montreal’s Gay Village.

Our first (and probably only) stop Friday night will be the infamous Stock Bar on Sainte-Catherine.

I have never been to a strip club where I wanted to suck and/or fuck every single dancer. Every. Single. Dancer. I don’t know what Montreal has in it’s water or food supply to make these french Canadian male strippers & dancers look like Gods. I wish Boston figured it out and did something about it.

All nude. Big uncut HARD cocks. Meaty asses. Chiselled chests. Full sleeve tats. Smiles that melt your heart and awaken your cock. Shower shows. God, Help Me!!

I don’t speak French.. but all I need to know how to say is: “Hello” and “Marry me, please!”. Bonjour.

If you’re curious how we’ll be enjoying our weekend, check out the video below or go to StockBar.com. And,.. don’t be jealous!

I’ll tell you about my weekend of excessive indulgence in my sensual pleasures next week.

++ Stock Bar

7 thoughts on “A Weekend of Debauchery!

  1. Someone owes me 4-minutes and 56-seconds. That was beyond stupid and pointless. Even the guys looked about as disinterested as I must have. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

  2. I live all summer in Montréal. Don’t know why you’d go to Stock Bar – its expensive and all you can do s watch guys. Go the Eagle or the Stud and hook up. Or go to Oasis, GI Joe, or Sauna centre-Ville and fuck your brains out.

  3. I have to agree, nobody in the video looked very excited, lol. And just alot of ridiculous posturing and the ‘dancers’ all using the same moves — oh and chewing gum while they’re “dancing”, LOL

    Oh btw, for whoever wrote the “story”, Montreal is not a french-speaking province. Montreal is a city in the province of Quebec, which is primarily french-speaking . . . it would help to know a bit more of what one is actually writing about. Us Canadians would appreciate it.

    I miss Dewitt on this blog . . . Daily has gone downhill, this is one of the rare few times that I even have bothered to come to Manhunt Daily anymore, and it was because of the tease about a trip to Montreal. Instead a disappointing “story” (advertisement for Stock), as seems to be the norm now.

  4. MY GOD! Some people are just not happy with whatever is posted. I found this video to be extremely hot!

  5. This blog is doing just fine without Dewitt. These people posting all of these negative comments are probably just friends of his, or just Dewitt himself. Also, I love Stock Bar. I used to go all the time when I lived in Boston. There’s no other gay strip club like it anywhere. Totally jealous of this blogger.

  6. Unfortunately, most of the Stock Bar guys are str8, but not all. I actually dated one for quite awhile and I don’t regret the years we had together either the sex which was wonderful or the fun we had at the clubs including Campus and Taboo besides Stock. Oh and as far as lack of sex goes, it’s there in the backroom if you want to pay for it. Don’t expect the guys to put out for nothing. It’s their job!

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