Y’all Better Open Your HOLES to Rod Thomas & His Big DICK!

It’s been a HOT minute since y’all have been graced with the honey-dripped gospel of Ms. Boulangerié Knowles, so I’m gonna break it down for you like you KNEW a bitch would! It is scientifically proven by my pussy that Rod Thomas from Bright Light Bright Light could GET it. Thirsty motherfuckers worldwide have acknowledged that they wish microphone was their DICK, and don’t even try to front like you’re not spreading your cheeks and ready to FUCK after looking at that damn picture above.

Abe and Spencer Sean Cody jockstrap GIF

But I gotta be REAL! Dewitt only agreed to let me write this post if I talked about the music, and while I normally don’t give a FUCK what that greasy vagina-saurus thinks about MY life, I gotta be real and say that the new Bright Light Bright Light single is straight up FIRE with a side of chicken soup. It’s called “An Open Heart”, and you’re all gonna want to open your HOLES when it gets up in your ears and invades your brains.

If I gotta be NICETY, it’s also Dewitt’s birthday, and I hope he wakes up tomorrow morning with Rod Thomas’ throbbing DICK pressed against his ass… But if he wants to stay alive, he better send that motherfucker my way when he’s DONE with him. Mama needs to get her daily dose of JIZZ too!

Boulangerié Knowles

Photo credit: Kick Kick Snare



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