Would You Hit That?: Jimmy Kimmel

A rather svelte-looking Jimmy Kimmel emceed the White House Correspondents’ Dinner over the weekend, and he looked kinda…dashing. Jimbo was reportedly extremely nervous following THE PRESIDENT’S COMEDY ROUTINE (say what you will about President Barack Obama, but at least he’s got a sense of humor about himself) but still managed to be charming and funny.

(Let’s pause for a second. Everybody give a “boo, you whore!” towards Fox News for bringing cokey slag Lindsay Lohan and tumor on America Kim Kardashian to the White House dinner. The only house those two trollops belong in has a wrecking ball swinging at it.)

I have somewhat of a fetish for schlubby funny guys, so I totally would get into some Kimmel. Would you?

– J. Harvey

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10 thoughts on “Would You Hit That?: Jimmy Kimmel

  1. Nope, dunno what it is, I love me a shlubby normal looking dude. Maybe it’s because he’s not funny to me? Good humor is a great selling point, but his humor is the anti-boner.

    Or maybe it’s Matthew Fox’s ridiculous shorn chest in that shower scene.

  2. i used to find him really annoying but when he lost all that way, i dunno….he’s kinda handsome to me now. 

  3. I like his show and his humor, and I’ve always thought he was cuddly and cute, and having lost the weight, he looks very handsome.   Your website is all about smoke and mirrors photography and unrealistic processed porn models.  It is almost inappropriate to make these kinds of ‘crossovers.’      Comparing Jimmy Kimmel to a gym bunny queen who does amateur porn is kind of useless.

  4. I always say “If you can make me laugh, my pants are already halfway off.” Seriously. It’s like my No. 1 turn-on. 

  5. Oh my gay gawd! He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not anyone’s type!! I mean, look at him! He’s over 30, not in shape, and probably doesn’t own any Apple products. Next!!

  6. Good for you.  Pass him over for your plastic gym clone, and further my chances of living my intense and passionate midnight sex romp fantasies with this handsome man.

  7. Wow, you don’t perpetuate any gay stereotypes; your picture must be the webster definition of homo.  I don’t think I like glee any more!

  8. Y’all, I think GleeFan was intentionally trolling you. If not, he’s very wrong, because I’d totally tap that Kimmel ass.

  9. I just like how easy going he is. He’s got a really charming personality, and I’m partial to shlubby guys too.

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