Who The Hell Won?: Week Of 4/23/12

Congrats on your win, gay champion! It’s that time again when we answer your burning questions – who would the Manhunt Daily readers hit, which would they rather bang, which guy looks best in his bathroom iPhone pics, and is that celebrity a top or bottom? We know you spent your weekend agonizing over these outcomes.

– J. Harvey

To see who won all of last week’s polls, Follow the JUMP:

Would You Hit That?: Fran Kranz

Yes, that’s Fran Kranz from The Cabin In The Woods. It’s a still from his next project with Joss Whedon (THE AVENGERS ARE COMING THIS WEEKEND AND I’M SO EXCITED!) – Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. We asked if you would be interested in getting into Mr. Kranz’s pants, and almost 80% of you would.

Fuck Vs. Fuck: Intergenerational or Intragenerational?

Dewitt was getting DEEP with his “Fuck Vs. Fuck” entry last week. It was a smorgasbord (I think that’s the first time I’ve been able to use that word on Manhunt Daily) of young, old, beef, twink….it was fuck stew! However, the pairing of Mick Lovell and Manuel Rios came out on top. Well, one of them did.

iPhone Wars: Battle Of The Towel Boys (Part III)

Is it like this for anyone else? When you see a guy that you automatically want to fuck or get fucked by, you get a fluttering in your stomach that travels down through your cock? That’s what happens to me. I think when ladies get it, it’s called a “swoon”. Or a pussy moistening. Anyway, there were so many hot fuckers to choose from in towels last week in “iPhone Wars.” Damn, it was just hot bodies, bubble butts, diamond-cut abs, chests, faces…definitely a wank-worthy entry. But it was Contestant C and his sexy smirk that took the prize.

Who Would You Rather?: Video “Sexperts”

Despite what that mean-mugging Zachary over at The Sword thinks (we love you Zach, even though you’re a cranky bitch who hates us), we feel there is more than enough room for TWO hot-ass porn stars giving you advice on your fuck habits. You guys think so, too. Which is why you let us know that you would rather be fucking or getting fucked by BOTH of them. Word.

Top Or Bottom: Luke Evans

Actor Luke Evans has some very high-profile flicks coming out. One of them is the upcoming The Hobbit. So he’s probably going to be facing a lot of questions about his sexuality. Probably not to his face, but you’re going to see them on the gay blogs. Is he bisexual? Is he gay, but downplaying it for the sake of his career? Hmmm. We’ll see what happens. Anyway, you guys think he is a versatile top (35.61%).

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