Would You Hit That?: Francois Sagat Doll

Remember that movie from the 80s where Drew Barrymore’s cat battles a troll that was climbing on the family’s chests at night and sucking out their breath? Well, it’s time for a remake starring the Francois Sagat doll. I don’t know how you take a sexy beefstick like Sagat and fashion the most demonic-looking doll since this one after him. That isn’t Sagat. That’s his unholy doppleganger from the evil mirror universe. He’s come to replace Francois and turn gay porn into a fiery pit of sleazy demonic hell. Yeah, I heard you in the back muttering “wouldn’t take much.”

Not that you’d fuck a doll (unless that’s your kink) but do you find Francois Sagat’s toy likeness to be sexy or terrifying? Jump and vote.

Kudos on the pube realism. Was this Mattel?

– J. Harvey

88 thoughts on “Would You Hit That?: Francois Sagat Doll

  1. The doll looks like Chucky’s cousin… the sexy cousin.  It’s creepy but in a very boner inducing way. I’m torned…

  2. Would not mind nipples like that to suck and nibble on in real life.  LMAO!!

    But come on a doll?  I think playing with a dildo would be a lot more fun in the long run.

  3. As Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell would say “Aint nothing like the real thing baby” LOL I don’t care for dolls, I want the real “Francois Sagat” 🙂

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