Who The Hell Won?: Week Of 4/9/12

It’s real, no worries. Hopefully you tuck those choppers away when you’re giving head, son! Here at Manhunt Daily, we value our readers’ opinions. We want to know who you find attractive, which dude’s dick you’d get on in a pinch, and how much you hate our “Party Pics” posts for not featuring middle-aged dudes who have gotten a little flabby. Check out the results of all the polls we held last week after the break.

– J. Harvey

Would You Hit That?: Peter Dinklage

You guys appreciate actor Peter Dinklage’s blowjob-ready height. When asked whether you wanted him to climb up you, 56% of you voted a resounding “YES!”. Score one for the little guys!

Fuck Vs. Fuck: Virgins (Or So They Say) & Virginity Thieves

There are no words for how into Nick Sterling I am. That ass. THAT ASS. Best ass in porn, and I will fight you on it! It was hot this week when Nick popped up (literally) in Dewitt’s “Fuck Vs. Fuck” post. He asked you which virgin took it better, and which top you’d rather have fucking you. Ross Reed (he of the very sexy first-time-butt-sex-pain face) won in the anal virgin category, and Nick (of course) won in the top category. Sounds like they should be teamed up in a future vid, huh?


iPhone Wars: Battle Of The Shirt Lifters (Part III)

This was a CLOSE battle. Contestant A (above) won with 38.64% of the vote. Contestant D (below) had 38.48%! SOOOO close. They should probably have a nude photo battle to really settle this. Two out of three!


Marc Jacobs is a lucky ‘mo. Pictures popped up online last week revealing that he’s still fucking gay porn star Harry Louis. The “H” in “Harry” stands for “Please fuck me, sex god!” (you thought I was going to type “hot”, dintcha?) and you guys agreed. Out of all of Jacobs known bfs, you guys though Harry was the sexiest.

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