Would You Hit That?: Colin Firth

If you managed to make it past James Franco‘s ass cheeks on last night’s broadcast of the Oscars, then you may be aware that Colin Firth took home the award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. His portrayal of King George VI in The King’s Speech clearly won over the Academy, but does his British charm win over your pants?

On an entirely unrelated note, can we talk about the UK Naked Men scene that was filmed on the same set as The King’s Speech? Though we realize this news is so last week, the ass-pounding action between Carioca and Kurt Rogers deserves its own special recognition… Especially since Colin Firth stood in the same room. The same room they jizzed all over. Think about it, people!

– Dewitt

To watch Colin Firth’s acceptance speech and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:

6 thoughts on “Would You Hit That?: Colin Firth

  1. he is not really my type, but he is very charismatic & masculine. if he came on to me, i’m sure i’d be persuaded easily.

  2. Yes, daddy. He’s the sexiest Brit alive. I’d hit him over and over and I think he became more of a gay magnet thanks to his film A Single Man.

  3. Unrelated to the context of this post, but he was easily the most deserving winner of the night.

    Sincerely, an Oscar fanatic.

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