Woof Alert: The Hottest Hairy Men Of 2014

I’ve got a theory! The people who object to individuals like Brad Kalvo and Colby Jansen‘s burlier builds are merely a vocal minority, subscribing to a somewhat dated, narrow-minded notion that porn models should look one way and one way only. Our numbers seem to indicate that Brad’s popularity soared over the past year, well-beyond the days of his trimmer physique. He (arguably) helped Tyler Morgan to become 2014’s Twink of The Year, and now, he’s appropriately snatched first place as this year’s top Woof Alert entry.

(See last year’s list here.)

This year’s countdown—like every other one going back to 2011—heavily favors daddies and muscle bears. Last year’s breakout star Hunter Van Buren is noticeably absent from the top ten, with only Clif London and Noah Elliott representing for men of the cubbier variety. Similarly, otter types like Rich Kelly, Airman Vince, Aybars and Craig Daniel got the short end of the stick, while one man who actually made the top three was disqualified for reasons I’d rather not go into…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: MEN.COM

Take a look at the top Woof Alert posts of 2014:



Noah Elliott

We wrote: “As we all know, bear porn can be just as mechanical and lifeless as every other genre of gay porn. Thankfully, that’s not the case with this threesome Noah Elliott, Mitch Owen and Marco Cross filmed for Stocky Dudes. These guys can’t wait to get naked with one another. You can see it in the way Noah licks his lips, the way Marco casually touches Mitch’s thigh, and the huge grin on Mitch’s face, which shows how lucky he feels to be pounding these two horny young cubs.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: I loved Noah so much that I wrote about him twice.



Anthony London

We wrote: “Hirsute, versatile muscle daddy Anthony London has made it onto our list of the top ten Hottest Hairy Men for two years in a row. Even though some of his scenes lack the passion or “oomph” we want from him and his scene partners, there’s a reason we keep coming back for more! He’s a dream come true for any Woof Alert enthusiast, equipped with an impressive physique, a thick whopper and the perfect amount of fur… And, geez, can I just reiterate that he’s 100% versatile?”




We wrote: “You might know Scotty Rage better as the real-life partner of gay porn star Charlie Harding. As a serodiscordant couple, they’ve attempted to fight stigma by openly discussing how to make love work when one partner’s HIV-positive and the other is HIV-negative… Scotty has proven himself to be just as verbal as Harding, perfectly capable of assuming the “daddy” role when the camera starts to roll. He demonstrates this quite clearly in his scene with Cody Avalon for Hot Dads Hot Lads.”



Rogan Richards and Paco

We wrote: “The fucking is rough and nasty in a typical Raging Stallion way that’s almost over the top. Both models commit to this intense level of energy, preventing it from coming off as artificial. Alas, even if the grunting and growling is a bit too much for your personal tastes, this clip is worth tuning into for the cum shot alone. Rogan’s thick, creamy juices look magnificent covering Paco’s lips, and he hungrily slurps down the remaining drops like they’re the last he’ll ever taste.”



Adam Champ

We wrote: “Adam’s return is taking place on Men At Play in their latest clip ‘Teacher’s Pet’. Unless my memory’s playing tricks on me, I seem to recall the studio mentioning that he hand-picked Bruno Bernal as his costar, so you know this isn’t just some random pairing where two guys get thrown together whether they like it or not.”



Shay Michaels and Tyler Reed

We wrote: “This isn’t going to be a Woof Alert post for everyone, which is saying a lot since Woof Alert posts generally aren’t for everyone. I’d recommend clicking over to the next post if you’re offended by the name of a website called ‘Breed Me Raw‘. I’d recommend clicking over to the next post if you’re offended by porn stars who’ve made a few mistakes along this path called life. I’d also recommend clicking over to the next post if you have no interest in seeing Tyler Reed bury his cock balls deep inside Shay Michaels‘ hairy muscle butt.”



Clif London

We wrote: “Clif London is like the cub version of Marcus Isaacs. He’s got the thick beard, the tattoos and a hairy ass that can’t ever get enough cock. Bear Films found this cutie during their latest winter shoot in Toronto, and since I am far too busy thinking about ramming him until the moon becomes the sun, here’s a handy-dandy excerpt from their description…”



Vince and Marcelo

We wrote: “To kick off #WoofWeek, I’m bringing you a recent clip between Alex Marte and Kris Irons. Both men have thick, dark beards and a nice coating of hair all over their bodies. Alex leans into muscle bear territory, while Kris is somewhere between an otter and a muscle cub. All in all, none of these labels matter, because each of these performers are bound to give you a raging boner.”



Adam Russo

We wrote: “As we celebrate the glorious occasion known as #WoofWeek, I thought I’d take a moment (or three) to recognize that Adam’s still making pretty fucking fantastic scenes. His clip with Cutler X for Breed Me Raw is particularly intense and passionate, but if you can’t come to terms with the whole ‘raw’ aspect, you might enjoy the condom scene he filmed with Casey Williams for Titan Men (which was likely captured before he started working with folks like Bareback That Hole).”



Brad Kalvo

We wrote: “Brad Kalvo always looks like a different person every time I see him. He’s bulked up significantly over the past two years, completing a transformation from a hairy, muscular guy to a straight up muscle bear daddy. The change hasn’t affected my desire to ride his cock, nor has it seemed to have an effect on you. He placed fourth on our 2013 Woof Alert roundup, dropping only one spot since the previous year‘s rankings. Chances are, he’ll make the list again this year!”



17 thoughts on “Woof Alert: The Hottest Hairy Men Of 2014

  1. I can make a sweater out of all that fur. But it’s gonna be a pretty hairy situation inside the washer

  2. Champ and Richards, very nice indeed.
    Can you stop with the other fat boys already? Nobody wants to imagine getting past those folds of blubber to find the sexy inside.
    What, exactly, are you trying to sell here?

  3. Some people actually like bigger guys. Imagine that! Not everyone needs a flat stomach and six pack to be turned on, you closed minded, shallow, inconsiderate, twat.

  4. Once again, one of the big oversights for 2014 – I never wrote a “Woof Alert” entry about him!

    I guarantee that he’ll show up on at least one other list, though…

  5. Oh, right, I’m sure that “nobody” clicked thousands of times to jerk off to confident, beautiful and chubby bottoms like Clif London and Noah Elliott.


  6. Whales? I see men – men who aren’t ashamed of their bodies. You on the other hand, seem to be an ignorant, body shaming bigot.

  7. Ha, I never really thought of him as a “Woof Alert” kind of guy, but only because he has a tendency to fluctuate between hairy and smooth.

    Trust me when I say that he’ll DEFINITELY be on some other lists.

  8. anthony london hahahahahaha oh my goodness how we all used to have sex with him in the fitness first covent garden sauna back in the day

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