Woof Alert: Paxton Hall

Dick head. Those are the first two words that come to mind when I think of Paxton Hall. They’re not intended as an insult! He just happens to have a thick cock with an incredibly large mushroom head. You’d have to open up real wide to get that sucker in your mouth, and don’t even get me started on what it’d take to get fucked by him. While we’re at it, don’t get me started on how good it’d feel to get fucked by him. ‘Shroom heads are the best!

Paxton has been floating around on Pantheon Bear and Hot Older Male for a while now, and we don’t really understand why he’s never appeared in the Woof Alert series. In fact, we’re pretty sure we almost featured him twice, until we changed our minds at the last minute. What were we thinking?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Hot Older Male

Click through to see more of Paxton Hall:

A few bonus pics from Panthon Bear:

Just to put things into perspective – Paxton’s dick next to Bronson Gates‘ face:

Or you could just watch Paxton fucking Mark Bishop (which is also very nice to look at):

2 thoughts on “Woof Alert: Paxton Hall

  1. I love so so much Action, he is the Man, strong and hairy,this eyes like nice promises of hot good sex (sorry my English it is very bad, i am French guys) Paxton make me crazy, i want so him, i want this strong fat big cock him my ass.. oh yes, i want !

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