Woof Alert: Harry Chesterton

Sometimes you just want a cub in a singlet named Harry Chesterton to thrust his spandexed asscheeks at you with a sexy smirk in photos by Marlen Boro. There’s a certain protocol you should follow here to get the pre-cum (yours AND his) a’flowin’.

First you want to YANK the tights farther up his ass crack so his buttcheeks bounce like two firm water balloons, and maybe they deserve a quick smack to keep his attention. Because you’re nimble, you also make sure to reach around his front, underneath the suspenders, and rub and tweak his nipples to get him to breathe a little heavier.

Finished back there (for now), you move around to the front and begin massaging his bulge through the thin, stretchy material. It’s the only thing between his throbbing cock and your busy hand. So begin his moans, as you lean forward and start furiously making out while continuing to rub his dick.

That singlet has about five more seconds on his hairy cub body.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Marlen Boro

For more pics of Harry, Follow the JUMP:

EDITOR’S NOTE: After writing this post, Marlen posted a ton of new pictures of Harry Chesterton, including some great shots of his furry ass. Check out the rest of ’em over here.

23 thoughts on “Woof Alert: Harry Chesterton

  1. Not only beautiful (these pictures do not do him justice!), one of the nicest people you will ever meet!

  2. “Bummer of a birth mark” WTF???? Oh noes, there’s a little patch of brown skin…

    What a remarkably hot guy.

  3. My birth mark used to bug me out, but it’s unique and I’m quite fond of it now. 🙂 Thanks for all the nice comments, guys!

  4. Woofy Cub Bear Boi   and the birthmark   Lickable!!!! u r who u r and damn baby u r hot!!

  5. The birthmark isn’t really attractive to me, but not a reason to ignore a guy. Especially when said guy is fine as hell….and this one is. Makes me wanna find out if he tastes as delicious as he looks

  6. should have kept the singlet on longer, hot cub another fuck em till he cant walk bottom!

  7. I didn’t even notice your birthmark, Harry.  There’s so much other stuff to look at enjoy, and once I saw it after it was “pointed out,” it not only doesn’t make a bit of difference, it does make you unique!  I’d love to be wrestled down by you in that singlet…and then wrestled down with you out of that singlet!

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