Who’s The Bottom?: Sage Daniels Vs. Jesse Santana

Two amazing asses rest before your eyes. By the end of this post, which one of them will be full of dick? On the left, we have Sage Daniels, a tattooed bad boy with a pair of lightly hairy, spankable butt cheeks. Directly next to him is none other than Jesse Santana, another tattooed bad boy with messy hair and several piercings.

These guys appear in the latest episode NakedSword‘s Golden Gate, the first offering from the highly-anticipated second season. Here’s the general premise! Jesse plays the part of Gene, a squeaky clean power-broker with a talent for reading his clients. However, he may have a bit of a challenge with Tim (aka Sage Daniels), a sloppily-dressed millionaire.

How does it all pan out? Who winds up fucking who? And why do these men ever bother to wear clothing? Click through to unravel a few of these mysteries! Keep in mind, one of them may be a trick question…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: NakedSword

To find out who’s the bottom in this scene, follow the JUMP:

Here’s Sage Daniels (note the suspicious amount of butt shots):

Here’s Jesse Santana (note the suspicious lack of butt shots):

Wait a second! It looks like…

Jesse is going to bottom?

Yup! He’s definitely the bottom in this scene!

JUST KIDDING. They’re both the bottom (and top) in this scene.

24 thoughts on “Who’s The Bottom?: Sage Daniels Vs. Jesse Santana

  1. totally hot that jesse santan pierced his cock, I don’t always like that but it looks great on him

  2. God damn, Jesse’s face reminds me of one of the Jonas brothers. Weird but still hotttttt hot hot hot hot.

  3. Ah…if only Jesse Santana really did work there…and that’s how he handled all of his affairs…

    Or if I could just have my way with him and vice versa, that’d be nice too.

  4. I know some may think this is a dump question, but here goes. Do you have to take a prince Albert out to fuck someone? And would it depend on if you use a comdom or BB?

  5. I hope that the Jesse gets checked…Sage is from SLC originally and is positive…and they are fucking raw….

  6. he is still positive…and i thought hiv positive people were banned in the state of California from peforming…

  7. @SLC Boi, get over your poz-phobia. They are wearing condoms. There is no ban on HIV positive people working in porn in Cali. That is up to the studio to decide, and most wont let poz performers work, and those that do let them are either BB companies or condom-use companies that let the other performers know.

  8. This scene is scorching!!! First “season” of Golden Gate was good, but this scene raises the bar!! Both are hot as hell with some honest chemistry. Loved it!

  9. You don’t have to take it out, though that may depend on size. Especially for this kid’s small, tight one, I’m certain it wouldn’t be an issue to wear a condom with it. I suspect that given the fact that there are no sharp edges on most PAs that it’s not a problem anyway.

    I have known guys to take theirs off to fuck too, so I’m sure it’s just preference oriented.

  10. Well from looking at the first picture, I was thinking “Jesse should be the bottom because he has the sexier of two sexy asses”. Then when I saw the cocks, I thought, “Uh oh, Jesse should top since he has the bigger of two nice cocks”. And then…ta da…I was right. Good to see that he’s versatile (the truly best position to play). Hot scene…hot men. Thanks for sharing.

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