Who Would You Rather?: Demi Moore’s Impending Divorce Edition

Demi (DEH-MEEEEEEE) Moore should have spent less time utilizing cutting-edge science to make herself ageless, and more time with her eyes on the whereabouts of hubby’s schlong. One of Ashton Kutcher’s jump-offs just spilled her story to US Weekly, and it’s pretty good. They reportedly had a group hottub party at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, fucked without a condom after he allegedly told her he and Demi were separated, and discussed politics. That’s the way the idealistic stars of today do it. Oh, and this all happened on Ashton and Demi’s 6th wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary, girl.

This got me to thinking. Ashton’s not my choice of man, but a lot of you think he’s the balls. And wish he was balls deep in you. Demi was also married to Bruce Willis (hot at any age), and remember Emilio Estevez? She was married to The Breakfast Club actor, too! Which one of Demi’s once and future exes (that makes no sense) would you want to fuck and then make sure you follow each other on Twitter?

– J. Harvey

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Ashton Kutcher

Bruce Willis

Emilio Estevez

10 thoughts on “Who Would You Rather?: Demi Moore’s Impending Divorce Edition

  1. Proving once again, that total monogamy rarely (if ever) works among humans. People crave variety(eventually). It is natural…unless you happen to be a penguin.

  2. I haven’t seen Emilio lately. A must-have in the 80’s, though. I hope I made my opinions of Bruce well-known in his other articles: he OWNED the 90’s. Ashton… lean but I’ve seen him in his underwear before and found myself enjoying the view. The woman has good taste.

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