Who Would You Rather?: The Eagle Edition

We know some of you may be confused right now. When we say The Eagle , we’re not referring to one of many leather/cruise bars in Boston, Los Angeles, New York or Washington DC. It’s actually a new movie that opened last weekend, which stars Jamie Bell as Channing Tatum‘s slave.

No, it’s not a gay porno either. That said, which of these two guys would you rather screw? Channing Tatum (left) or Jamie Bell (right)? We realize the final results of this poll are wildly predictable, so we thought we’d give Jamie the unfair advantage of a shirtless pic. Let’s see how it turns out!

– Dewitt

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56 thoughts on “Who Would You Rather?: The Eagle Edition

  1. To be honest….I’d take either one. Both are soooooo cute. Can’t wait to see The Eagle. Looks really good.

  2. Channing Tatum has been my no.1 celebrity crush in 6 or so years. I watch any movie he is on no matter how bad it is, LOL

  3. That’s Jamie Bell who did that musical Billy Eliot???? Or am I getting him confused with someone else? If it is him he’s grown up into quite a hot young man

  4. had to go with Jamie… Channing is incredibly hot – until he speaks… his voice isn’t on the David Beckham level of a vocal turn off, but its close…

  5. No offense to Channing but him being the hero in a rough and tough type of role doesn’t sell it for me, he doesn’t give off that gladiator machismo that other leading men put out for roles like this…

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