Who Would You Rather?: Easy A Edition

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you sandwiched Stanley Tucci between two shirtless young hunks? Well, wonder no longer, because today’s edition of Who Would You Rather will provide the answer. To celebrate the upcoming release of Easy A, we’re pitting the hottest cast members against one another in an intense threeway battle.

Although Emma Stone and Amanda Bynes have dominated the movie’s promo materials, this flick will also feature appearances by Cam Gigandet, Stanley Tucci and Penn Badgley. If you have no idea what these guys look like, they’re lined up (in that order) within the collage above. So tell us–which of these three actors would you rather bang?

– Dewitt

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27 thoughts on “Who Would You Rather?: Easy A Edition

  1. Stanley Tucci is the real man in this trio.You know he’d be good in the sack,the other 2 would act like they’re doing you a favor,just to lay in bed with them.

  2. I like Cam and Penn both, but think that the intellect of Penn would win over a bit, granted that is purely from his character on GG. But this is all fantasy anyway, so……

  3. This one was tough. Cam has a slightly hotter aura, but I picked Penn . . . have a feeling he’s a little more “pliable.”

  4. I’ve had my eye on the Cam for quite a few years now, yummy! Thank god he lives nowhere near me or I’d definitely have a restraining order out on me by now!

  5. Stanley Tucci. I saw him in a play on Broadway years ago and he was nude in a few scenes.
    HUNG like a fucking donkey!

  6. I agree with a few others. You know Tucci would be good in bed, and I would love to feel that bear in some places

  7. kk, hate to break it to you, but those photos aren’t doctored. They are actual screen shots. So sorry to let you know that good looking guys like that do exist….

  8. I voted Tucci. He is just so damn handsome. Also, Penn looks good here, but hasn’t he gotten a lot pudgy on GG lately? Not fat, like just a bit lumpy. I’m a cub, so I’m allowed to say that. 🙂 That dude is practically full-figured now.

  9. i voted Mr. Tucci. At 25 years old, i normally try to avoid guys too great in age, but he is quite the specimen. i guess it’s kind of like, “well, were i his age…”

  10. Another vote for Mr. Tucci. He’s quite a bit older than me, but there’s just something about his aura…

  11. I voted 4 Penn but I agree with all the Tucci lover have been a fan of his for a long time he is a character actor who can play any character ……

  12. I vote Cam, unfortunately Penn’s character (Dan) on GG has destroyed any attraction to him for me…

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