Who Wants To Be Straight Acting Around This Hot Mexican Muscle Bear?

We have talked in the past about the phrase “straight acting”, and how unless you’re about to stick your dick in some lady‘s nether regions then the phrase is irrelevant at best and kind of dumb to boot. We’ve also talked about “masculine”, and how that’s not a very good word either because it implies that real men can only look or behave one way when that’s kind of dumb and also, you know, disproven by history.

On the other hand, there are some physical and behavioral characteristics that turn some guys on more than others. Some guys like beards, chest hair, muscles and athletic sex in rural outdoor settings, like COLT models of yore. But if that’s what you’re looking for—and the only thing you’ll consider—then how do you say that?

I for one prefer to evaluate hookup opportunities on a case-by-case basis, but this is what I find myself wondering while looking at Manhunt member Signum1. He’s a 38-year old muscle bear in Mexico City who describes himself as straight-acting and who says he’s looking for other straight-acting guys.

Judging by his photos, I’m pretty sure that I’d like to have all kinds of sex with him and his boyfriend. But am I straight-acting enough? I’m pretty hairy, I have a sizable beard, and I jerk off to straight porn sometimes. But once the clothes come off, I’m pretty sure I turn into the least straight-acting man alive.

Is this linguistic harping? Would it be productive to bring butch back into the gay lexicon? Or when someone refers to himself as straight-acting, should I just put my dick in their mouth and act like I know what they’re talking about?


Check out additional pictures of Manhunt member Signum1 below:





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30 thoughts on “Who Wants To Be Straight Acting Around This Hot Mexican Muscle Bear?

  1. Agreed – I absolutely detest the phrase “straight acting”. Although I’m not nearly as put off by the term masculine. But yeah, as soon as I see anyone use “straight acting” it’s an immediate turn-off.

  2. I prefer the term masculine. Straight acting to me is something I did for 20 years in the Marine Corps and my best buddy at the time had to do it too! Now we are married and out gay men. Never again will I be forced to be “straight acting”!

  3. “Straight acting” is too much of a theatrical term. I don’t want someone who mimics straight behavior, I want someone who is masculine and confident without it being an act or forced. And if they get a little swishy after a couple cocktails, as many straight men do, then awesome!

  4. Most people in the U.S. think Mexicans are dark skin or brown looking. However, in Mexico City most Mexicans are white or European looking. Hispanic isn’t a race because Hispanic or Latino can be of any race. The guy in the picture is sexy, however, I would have love to seen what his ass looks like in those jeans. hehe

  5. Well Mike I was in the same boat as you for 20 years. Been out for 20 now and finally married the man I’ve been living in sin with for the past 18 years. Marriage finally legal in SC!

  6. Ugh…that phrase is a total buzz kill for me when looking at profiles or chatting with guys. If you are ACTING like anything then you aren’t really be the authentic version of you. This is a phrase that should be purged from our lexicon. There are so many more words that describe what you are into or like than those. STOP ACTING. Just be yourself and love whatever that looks like and the rest of us will get in line with that.

  7. Some straight men. I keep missing words and getting the grammar wrong (on other blog posts). I think I need to sleep now…

  8. Based on what he wrote in Spanish in his profile, I think that he meant to say “masculine” and not “straight acting” but he loose the translation.

  9. Bases on what he wrtote in Spanish in his profile I think he meant to say “masculine” and not “straight acting” but he got lost in the translation.

  10. Based on what he wrote in Spanish in his profile, I think he meant to say “masculine” and not “straight acting” but he got lost in the translation.

  11. Hispanic and Latino are ethnic terms used wrongly by the USA census and media to try to name a ‘ race ‘.They enclose a large amount of ‘races” and don’t specify none what leads to error. It’ll be better if they had used ” mixed race ” ( because large amounts of Latin American people really are) if they don’t have found nothing more specific to all those that have indian and causasian heritage. It’s ridiculous to know that an afro-cuban man is ‘ hispanic or latino ‘ the same way as an argentinian with german, welsh ( yes, they exist…) or polish background .

  12. I read the article then didn’t even really look at the photos. That phrase totally signals an attitude towards gay men (and what it means to be a man in general) that I just can’t be doing with.

    Using the phrase “straight-acting” is basically like going ‘I’m okay with having gay sex, so long as I don’t feel like I’m having it with a gay man’. It’s all just a bit too self-unaware and quietly homophobic, not to mention feeding the ‘real man = masculine’ machine that causes a lot of problems for both men and women of every sexuality.

  13. The 2010 US census actually had two ethnicity options: Hispanic/Latino and non-Hispanic/Latino. It still made no sense, but it was a separate category from race. (And I only know because I worked for the census that year, ha ha.)

  14. Gorgeous and I also hate the term straight acting same as masculine because that word negates gay men who may not be as masculine. Everyone matters and everyone’s important in this community .

  15. So we can’t use “masculine”? lol Wut? The only guys that hate this phrase are femmes who suffer from self loathing. Honestly, seen thicker skins on some rice puddings these days…..

  16. Incorrect some of us simply feel it seperates us from the more masculine gay men.
    If you look with open eyes you will see that there has been a divide within this community for a long time in regards too masculine gay men and those who are not as masculine.
    Ive seen discrimination and intolerance especially from masculine gay men and quite frankly your comment is very similar too other ones ive seen .
    Comments like what you wrote simply divide and create dissension you don’t build bridges with that kind of attitude you do however burn them down.

    That thick skin excuse is also nothing more then insensitivity and selfishness .

  17. Well better a douche, than a porn obsessed advocate of random, bareback sex. Suprised you had time out of your busy schedule of sucking off the Mavrick men to reply? The irony is that you are by far the biggest troll and hypocrite on this blog. Anyone says anything you disagree with, you are on them like a fucking leech and always with some snarky insult. Always the first sign you lost any arguement.
    Nothing I said Was “douche” in the extreme. It’s my view that a lot of hate towards the use of term’s such as masculine come from feminine guys who suffer from self loathing. I’m not hating on feminine guys whatsoever, it’s just a pattern i see.
    Argue your point. Don’t just leave childish, moronic posts because it’s something that no doubt touches too close to home for you.

  18. And why even bother featuring the “str8 acting” Mexican muscle bear, if you are so offended by these terms? Cos like any fag goign, at the end of the day you’ll bend over for whatever you find hot, no matter what their morals are.

  19. How else should people describe themselves? What is the PC word to use then? I am more concerned with guys that right off entire races than those that write , “I am a masculine dude”.

  20. LOL You blocked me for criticising you Dewitt you fucking hypocritical little Nazi!?
    God you are a fuckwit.

  21. Oh don’t worry, “Masculine” is frowned on too here apparently LOL! You can’t say the word, but given a shot with a hot “masculine” guy, all these mincing haters would be on him like shit to a blanket.

  22. I don’t respect people who act that way either but apparently you think that the cocky gay men are not also a part of the problem in this community.

  23. What leads you to that conclusion? How is describing yourself as “masculine” considered “cocky”?
    Saying you are hot, or “sexy stud here” is cocky. Simply describing yourself as “masculine” isn’t. Why does it bother you so much? If you are not into overt feminine guys in a sexual way, what is the point in beating around the bush and giving guys the wrong idea. it only leads to disappointment and wasting the time of all involved.
    It does NOT mean that you have hate/dislike/look down upon these guys. What is a real problem in the gay community is HONESTY.
    Btw, I have had to go on “Guest” because being the dictator hypocrite that he is “dewitt” blocked my disqus profile. He is another one that hates the truth unless it suits his agenda.

  24. Then you need too open your damn eyes too the ones who actually DO that within this community.
    Ive seen it for years .
    I didn’t say calling yourself masculine was considered COCKY I was however referring to the macho gay dudes who act cocky.
    Not too mention anytime a man has too say oh well im a MASCULINE gay its no different then trying to divide and separate its divisive and clearly saying well im better then THAT type of gay man.
    Ive seen this bullshit over and over I have no reason too make this stuff up dude.

  25. You know most people out there make it very difficult to explain who and what you feel you are! Everyone is so worried about being politically correct and offending others there is almost no safe way to be yourself now a days!

    I don’t care if someone says they are, “Straight-Acting”, I get why they said it and there is no reason why it should offend anyone. Or if they say they are, “Masculine”, and are into other “Masculine” men! How the frack are we suppose to find people we are into and allow others to find us if everyone is censuring our words just so they can feel better about themselves?

    People have the right to call themselves anything they want the word is THEMSELVES! What gives you the right to say they are in the wrong?

    If you don’t like it move onto another profile or Blog instead of trying to correct others due to your own insecurities or what ever reason you have to chime in.

    How this man or any other acts or appears in public is his own damm business so is how he sees it in his own profile and with his own words he uses to describe himself!

    Just like a Black man has the right to use the “N” word if he wishes for himself or the type of guy he is looking for. I don’t see any of you trying to correct that one!

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