Who The Hell Won: Week Of 4/30/12

Who doesn’t love a nude photobomb? I don’t if it involves vagina or cats. Same thing. Welcome to “Who The Hell Won?” wherein we reveal who won all of our polls from last week. I need to check Google Analytics to see if anyone is reading this feature, cuz’ it’s getting to be sort of a pain in the dick to write. If you find this informative and/or interesting, try and comment. If you don’t, try and comment and tell us so! FUN.

– J. Harvey

To find out who won last week’s interactive insanity, Follow the JUMP:

Would You Hit That?: Jimmy Kimmel

No, you wouldn’t.

Suck Vs. Suck: A “Who Wore It Best?” Facial Competition

Four Czech twinks took loads to the face and we asked you which one looked his creamy best. Czech Twink 4 wore ropey strands of DNA the best! Why does Czech porn always make me uneasy? I worry that not everyone is there of their own free will. That’s probably just my fear of being trapped in the human trafficking trade.

iPhone Wars: Battle Of The Clothed Dudes (Part IV)

That’s not Kal-El! That’s the dude from MTV’s The Real World who denied that he did everything gay but watch The Golden Girls when he was on FratPad! Anyway, you guys thought he was the hottest guy in clothes in last week’s “iPhone Wars”.

Who Would You Rather?: Nick Sterling & Vincent Vanguard

Dewitt TOLD ME he would win! Why did I even bother? Nick Sterling beat out his wedgie buddy Vincent Vanguard in last week’s “Who Would You Rather?” Nick’s ass is basically Manhunt Daily’s patron ass, so it makes sense.

1,881 thoughts on “Who The Hell Won: Week Of 4/30/12

  1. In my humble opinion, you can heal the pain in your dick by dropping this feature.  Unless they are HOT guys side by side and you are asking Who Would You Rather?

  2. First picture of the photobomb… “guess what’s going in that trophy!? We’ll turn it into bukkake.

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