Here Is A Picture of Jamie Dornan In The Shower

You were probably expecting something sexier when you read the headline “Here Is A Picture of Jamie Dornan In The Shower”. Sadly, this is the saddest picture of Jamie Dornan in the history of sadness! The model and actor, primarily known for his eight-episode role on ABC’s Once Upon A Time, is spotted here sitting on the ground with a very unfortunate expression. It’d be cute if it weren’t so depressing!

Apparently his girlfriend uploaded this shot on Twitter? We’re going to assume she’s his ex-girlfriend now, because he looks like someone who’s just been told he’s being abandoned for a guy with a bigger penis. You’re welcome to come up with your own theories on this matter. We’re going to stick with the penis theory.

– Dewitt

Click through for some hot pics of Jamie Dornan:

16 thoughts on “Here Is A Picture of Jamie Dornan In The Shower

  1. I love his big beautiful eyes… This guy is sexy! The shower pic is my favorite, very cute and he doesn’t look depressed at all in it. He even has sort of a smirk.

  2. is that an uncut cock in the last pic?.. I watch the show but dont remember his character  but that face and that cock   mmmmmm

  3. I loved him on Once Upon a Time! Wish he had not been killed off until after he had been disrobed and displayed on the telly…

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