Who The Hell Won?: Week of 4/16/12

I’m going to start a Tumblr called Hot Athletic Champions Biting Their Medals. Then I’m going to start one called Hot Athletic Champions Biting Superimposed Penises. By the way, that’s future “The Locker Room” selection Matthew Mitcham. He’s the openly gay diver, so you know it ain’t muff he’s diving into. Thank you. Tip your waitress.

I asked you to vote on whether you would fuck a doll last week. What have our polls come to?

– J. Harvey

To find out who won what last week, Follow the JUMP:

Would You Hit That?: Francois Sagat Doll

Francois Sagat is a hot piece of ass with a conversation piece tattoo on his scalp. There is now a doll in his likeness. We asked if you thought the doll was hot. Look, there’s some straight dude out there who thinks certain Barbies look hot. We were right to ask because 41% of you asked if there was a dick attachment. So there.

Fuck Vs. Fuck: Men Against Dudes

I could watch Marko LeBeau get his furry butt eaten all day. I really could. Just watching Dean Monroe lav his tongue down this French-Canadian cub’s crack gets me all sorts of boned. Oh, and they won “Fuck Vs. Fuck” last week. Do you think I could convince Marko to sit on my face for an extended period of time?

Not Exactly iPhone Wars: Bros With Phones

This makes sense. Why should the Apple corporation get all the nekkid men in the bathroom fun? Dewitt threw the spotlight on a different “Guys With…” site last week – Bros With Phones. There are some hot pieces on that site! Like the dude above. That’s Contestant H, and 31.33% of you thought he was the hottest.

Who Would You Rather?: The Infamous 7 Man Orgy

Chris Tyler should give himself a pat on the cock today. Out of the 7 dudes orgying it up in Falcon’s Hungover, you guys picked him as the one you would want to get solo on. Check it – he beat out the “all of them” option! That’s pretty good!

Top Or Bottom: Paul Iancono

35.62% of you fellows think that newly out actor Paul Iancono is a versatile bottom. Personally, I see him sitting on cocks exclusively. Maybe it’s cause I wanted him to sit on this one 24-7. In a video that I could put on a loop here in my cubicle.

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