Cumming Attractions: Falcon’s “Earthbound: Heaven To Hell 2” Looks INSANE

Dean Monroe. Brent Corrigan. Sean Zevran. JJ Knight. Holy porn scene (and I mean that pretty much literally given the subject matter)! Falcon’s upcoming Earthbound: Heaven To Hell 2 features a heavenly choir of big porn names, some together for the first time (Brent and […]

Thank Cock It’s Friday: Is This The Last Time We’ll Ever See Dean Monroe Getting Fucked?

For those of you who somehow missed it last month, Dean Monroe retired from gay porn after thirteen years in the industry. It was, for me, one of the most upsetting exits of the year—no offense to Liam Magnuson or the rest of this year’s […]

After 13 Years In The Industry, Dean Monroe Says Goodbye To The Gay Porn World.

Fuck this! If everyone hot keeps retiring from porn, who the hell am I supposed to write about on Manhunt Daily? Flawless bottom slut Dean Monroe announced on his blog today that he’s quitting porn for good, after several US studios (allegedly) refused to work […]

The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Big Dicks, Blindfolds, Bottoms & Bareback Foursomes

You’re gonna want to grab your cum rag early for today’s edition of The Cock Buffet! The grand finale is an epic foursome in which Sean Cody‘s Dennis gets supremely dicked down by Jarek, Liev & Taylor. Now, this isn’t your standard “wait your turn” […]

The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Trevor Knight’s Dick In (GASP) Another Damn Orgy

The lovely male specimen known as Trevor Knight has had orgies in a men’s room, a sex addicts’ meetingĀ and the set of a fake TV show called 4 Tops, 1 Bottom. What’s next for him? Unfortunately, it’s not a reunion with flexible, class-cutting cutie Jesse […]