When Good Gay Viral Goes Bad

If you’ve seen Internet sensation Drew Droege’s latest “I am Chloe Sev-EH-NEEE” vid, you know that it’s actually a big ole’ commercial for some jewelry designer. UGH. Nothing’s worse than when our gay viral heroes sell out and start shilling products in the midst of their art. Yes, everyone has to eat, but can’t you just include a “brought to you by” banner at the beginning?

You can tell Drew isn’t loving his choice to product place by the degraded quality of the wigs. Some of them look like anaesthetizedĀ Lhasa Apsos.

This also happened with the “Sassy Gay Friend” videos. That guy’s a howl, but he suddenly started serving up drink additives in the middle of humorously counseling literary figures to find the bitch within. UGH!

P.S. and by the way, this one did an ad as well.

Queerty bitched about this, and we’re seconding them. It’s an indicator that it’s time to close up shop on a meme and come up with a new bit. We declare it official. When your gay Internet comedy heroes start pushing RVs, a specific brand of lube, or real estate on you, it’s over. If these two do it, it will be soul-crushing.

– J. Harvey

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6 thoughts on “When Good Gay Viral Goes Bad

  1. Disappointing Gay Best Friend has become just that… disappointing. I hardly find any of their stuff funny anymore.

    As for Sassy Gay Friend, the last MiO video they did (which actually wasn’t THAT bad…) was the last one. They announced on Facebook that they aren’t going to be doing any more MiO-funded videos, so at least we’ve got that.

  2. J. Harvey, I think you’re absolutely nice and I think you do a good job. I just don’t like this. Sorry.

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