What’s Your Ass Doing This Weekend?

Teach it some new tricks!


Got no big plans for the weekend? I’ve got a project for you! Teach yourself to handle some bigger dicks/dildos/fists with this training set of silicone plugs – for free!

The Trinity Silicone Anal Set is 3 plugs that gradually increase in size. Enjoy taking your partner through the joys of anal sex. Each plug has a handy O-ring at the end for easy insertion and removal.

You get 3 plugs with each set: Small (2″ insertable length, 1″ in diameter), Medium (2.5″ insertable length, 1.25″ in diameter) and Large (3.25″ insertable length 1.5″ in diameter).





Nice, right? I could probably deal with that first one, but that big one looks mean as hell. I’ll leave that to the pros.


RM382-m1-wm-big RM382-m2-wm-big


Wanna try? Here’s how you can get ’em for free:



You can check ’em out here.  And you can see more of Tyler Morgan here.

This is how I’ll be spending my weekend, so at least some of you better try these out as well. I’m not gonna be the only one with a weird rubber ring pop in my butt tomorrow, right?



– tyler


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