Late Run: How Hot is Tumblr’s Dahknessdondre?

I may be in love with a straight boy. 


I honestly don’t even know how I got to this dude (oh no wait, yes I do) but I’m so glad he did. I feel like I should immediately disclaim his heterosexuality though, cause people keep sending him mad aggressive messages saying things like “gonna choke you with my big cock” and that doesn’t seem fair to somebody so cute, who is already generous enough to share so many jack off videos with everyone. Dude is straight. Just admire him from afar.

But damn. Admire you shall:




giphy (40)


You can follow his NSFW snapchat: DahknessDondre and his tumblr here (but omfg there’s so many vaginas – be prepared).


He’s only 20, so maybe there’s time for him to discover his love for dick. Maybe. Gosh I hope.





– tyler

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