Welcome to New York: Subway Masturbators

I have been watching this spectacular video of this Wall Street Suitbro doing everything he can to stop himself from whipping it out and beating off on this express train. I love my city and dudes like this. I only wish I knew what MHD post he was looking at on that phone:


BONUS: That guy three feet to his left has ZERO interest in this whatsoever. Hilarious.


14 thoughts on “Welcome to New York: Subway Masturbators

  1. This is supposed to be a “spectacular video”??? In who’s opinion? This MH Daily has gone way downhill since DeWitt left….

  2. looks more like he was playing to the guy across the way who was shooting the video. like they say, it pays to advertise.

  3. This is great – it is less than 2 minutes, but I had a precum spot on my jeans! I would have gladly helped him out!

  4. Would have been cool to sit next to him and as if he would rather have a hot mouth on his dick, or a tight ass instead of his hand

  5. What a load of crap! It that all that happens on the New York Met? Can see much more and better on the London Underground daily!

  6. The fact remains whether you like or it not, this was more real than the porn we have to endure these days. The dude’s hand was shaking he was so turned on. It was hot.

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