Can Your Dick Carve Your Pumpkin?

No, seriously. Cause this one can. But then this dick can do a lotta stuff. I’ve been waiting a reason to share one of my favorite tumblrs with you and today’s the day! Halloween Dick!

Things My Dick Does is a fantastic use of art and social media and one man’s very brave penis. This guy manages to create a new adventure for his penis (dubbed Little Dude or LD for short) almost every single day, and there’s so much imagination involved in staging these photos, that I really hope he’s managed to profit from it.

This pumpkin carving post was THE best:

I’m gonna try and get an interview with the creator of TMDD, because I’m dying to know if he’s an animator or photographer in real life and how this all happened. These shots are too thoughtful and clever to just be happy accidents.

If only more people wanted to have fun adventures with their dicks and post them to tumblr. Ah well. Until then, follow TMDD.

And Happy Halloween!



4 thoughts on “Can Your Dick Carve Your Pumpkin?

  1. I love this, and I hope you get to interview this guy be cause he and his little guy are really talented

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