We Saw Your Junk

As we all know by now, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane pissed off a ton of people as the host of this weekend’s Oscars ceremony. His opening number, “We Saw Your Boobs“, was only one of many immature, unfunny, misogynist jokes throughout the night, which pretty much solidified his place in the “You Are Never, Ever, Ever Allowed To Host Anything Ever Again” hall of fame.

“We Saw Your Junk” is the obligatory parody. I’d say it’s a great field guide for the best full-frontal scenes in cinema history, but that would be missing the point.

That said? You can see most of the penises mentioned here in this video compilation. It’s like Celebrity Skin on steroids.

– Dewitt


And here’s a screen-cap from my upcoming parody “We Saw Your Cum-Covered Face“:

Seth MacFarlane cumshot

692 thoughts on “We Saw Your Junk

  1. Did you find Ricky Gervais just as offensive as Seth? His comments weren’t misogynistic or sexist, the we saw your boobs is a matter of fact. There are websites dedicated to seeing stars naked but if you point it out, you’re an awful person for noting that they were nude. Hell, you do it all the time on this website.

  2. I have now read around on huffington post and other places that are trying to say that it’s misogyny at work in this bit, and I call bullshit. It just isn’t. Furthermore the deeper “anger” of some people that feel that making a joke about a movie that features rape as a central theme is somehow making light of rape are very out of touch with anything like reality. It is completely okay to make jokes about a bunch of adults who get together and simulate violence against women and others for entertainment purposes and to win a trophy. It is not at all a commentary on actual rape or violence against women, but on films that capitalize on such themes for critical acclaim. (Apparently his inclusion of roles on Monster, and Boys Don’t Cry =’s an out of the line endorsement of something actual rather than looking at a pretend circumstance in another context.)

  3. REALLY wish MHD would post screen captures from all the films mentioned in “we saw your junk”

    seriously, you guys will absolutely blow my mind if you compile them


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