WATCH: Gay couple’s dance to Adele reduces viewers to mush

The UK TV show Strictly Come Dancing unveiled its first gay contestant pairing this season, and the guys’ latest performance has fans reaching for the nearest tissue box.

LGBTQ viewers were excited when the BBC announced that out, Great British Baking Show winner John Whaite would be pairing up with out, professional dancer Johannes Radebe.

For their Couple’s Choice semi-final performance, the duo picked Adele’s “Hometown Glory.” The song is a tear-jerker on its own, and the judges described their dance as “stunningly beautiful.”

Here’s why they chose the track:

To the people who perhaps feel a bit afraid in life,” said Whaite, “I want those people to know that it gets better.”

He went on to explain that he was outed to his parents at 14-years-old by a teacher. Luckily, his family was accepting.

“It just reminds me of how much we needed that when we were little and it was never there,” Whaite added.

“I grew up with a great deal of shame and I think if I’d seen two men dancing together on television it would have changed my life.”

He added: “I want to dedicate our couple’s choice dance to the people who perhaps feel a bit afraid in life and I want those people to know it gets better, believe me.”

Via Queerty

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