Walmart Accidentally Sells Gun Oil Dick Lube As Lube For Guns

Oh Walmart. You never cease to be a source of low cost/quality merchandise and mocking entertainment.  I’m not lucky enough to live within reasonable distance of America’s largest money-printing consumer enterprise (did you know they make $1.8 million every hour of every day on average?), so I have to find my entertainment and mass quantities elsewhere. But luckily, the internet finds ways to bring them both to my door.

This man was kind enough to share his video of his discovery (that Alabama Walmart thinks Gun Oil brand lube would be suitable for actual guns) and narrate the label of the bottle hilariously:


It’s not letting me embed the post so you’ll have to click here – Promise it’s worth it!.


Big thank you to Jamie Bracey for sharing this with the world. It’s a good start to a Wednesday afternoon.

Also, if you can’t tell by his tone, take it from my Florida upbringing: you do NOT want to use this on any firearms. Seriously. Great for sloppy, cummy handies. Bad for guns.






2 thoughts on “Walmart Accidentally Sells Gun Oil Dick Lube As Lube For Guns

  1. Honestly I hope more people ditch the firearms and start playing with the other shooters instead

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