Vintage Viral Photo of Two Life Guards Who Might Be More Than Friends Prompts Speculation About ‘Buzz’ and ‘Tommy’

A photo of two life guards has gone viral on Reddit because an inscription on the back of the photo suggests the two were more than friends. The photo has been shared on social media as early as a year ago but the origins remain unknown.

Reads the handwritten note, which was written on 3/26/49: “To Buzz, I’ll always remember the times we spent together. All my love, Your Tommy.”

It’s unclear what year the photograph was taken.

“This makes me sad, to me it reads as a goodbye note,” wrote one Reddit user. Another replied, “Yep. I wonder if they had to get married. Or if they were lifeguards and the summer was over and they had to go back to their lives of lies.”

“It has that whole ‘we can never be together’ vibe about it,” said another.

And it has struck a romantic chord in many: “This is so touching and beautiful and also makes me sad to think that if they wanted to be together they couldn’t do it back then, feels like the Bridges Of Madison Cty. I’d like to think they at least were able to have loved and lost than not love at all.”

Via Towleroad

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