Underwear Drawer: Ben Cohen For Bluebuck

………oh, hi. I’m supposed to write something or some shit? Apologies, Ben Cohen’s furry bod in his skivvies momentarily hypnotized me. This boner is distracting. Ben is modeling for Bluebuck Underwear on behalf of his Stand Up Foundation. You buy a pair of his new line and a portion of the proceeds go to the fight against bullying. Go here to find out more. It’s a really good cause, and……what? Am I supposed to write something? *drool*

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: kenneth in the (212) and Wicked Gay Blog

For more pics of Ben Cohen in Bluebuck underwear, Follow the JUMP:

44 thoughts on “Underwear Drawer: Ben Cohen For Bluebuck

  1. You can keep David Beckham and all his underwear ads, this is my type of man in an underwear ad!!!     Not enough words to express how incredible these pics are.   Okay…gotta go take a long cold shower…or four.

  2. You are right this is a real man..just enough of a beefy look…this guy is mouth watering hot!!

  3. hes such a good sport for puttin up with all the objectification he gets from the people he’s standin up for.  by far the sexiest athlete out there for so many different reasons…  1. look at him n that beefy build not too cut out with fur  grrrrrrr and 2. hes a great advocate against hompphobia in sports and society as a whole and he deserves our support and gratification for it 🙂

  4. Dullsville. He’s been in so many underwear, shower, and shirtless ads and calndars. Overexposed. It’s like working in an ice cream parlor. Eventually, you’re just tired of it. He’s hot, but we see this every other day.

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