10 Ways To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

In lieu of today’s Let’s Get Kinky post, we’ve teamed up with Fort Troff to provide ten exciting ways to make your sex life a bit more adventurous. Whether you’re beginner to man-on-man sex or a regular ol’ kinky beast, there should be at least one thing you take away from this list.

Or, hell, maybe we’re wrong about that! You won’t know until you look…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Fort Troff

Click through to read our list:

1. CUM, EVERYWHERE: You don’t have to go overboard like the pictures above. Cum Lube is a great way to indulge your inner cum pig without any unnecessary risks. Love the look of jizz-covered holes or creampies? Ever wanted to practice safer sex and still fuck cum into someone? Just squirt some on and let the party begin!

2. GET A DAMN JOCKSTRAP: It’s surprising to me that so many guys don’t know where to buy a jockstrap. Duh, the internet! Whether you prefer the classic white Bike jockstrap or new school designs by Nasty Pig and Timoteo, they’re all available for your perusal online (and some of them aren’t very expensive). You might be shocked to hear me say this, but all three of those brands, among others, are represented on Fort Troff‘s site!

Oh, and while we’re talking, let’s put an end to the myth that everyone doesn’t look good in a jockstrap. With the right cut, style and fabric, anyone can find the perfect jock to accentuate his package/ass or even enhance what you don’t have. Try a few different ones!

The best thing about a jockstrap is that it’s completely inoffensive. If you show up wearing one and a guy’s into them, he’ll go wild for you! If you show up wearing one and a guy’s not into them, he’ll just take it off, throw it on the floor and call it a day.

3. LEARN TO BOTTOM: One of the best tips Colby Keller gave in his sex tips series was an emphasis on DESIRE. Unless you’re a complete natural, you can’t really learn to truly enjoy bottoming without truly wanting to bottom. Of course, when you’re ready to make that jump, we recommend getting a (smaller) dildo or vibrator beforehand.

Turn on some porn featuring the ideal type of guy you’d want inside of you, or at least a guy getting fucked the way you want to be fucked. While watching, place the toy underneath your ass with the tip resting against your hole. Once you get used to that sensation, add lube and grind against it… And once you get used to that sensation? Add more lube and slide the toy in very slowly.

You may experience some pain at first. That’s normal! Just pull out the toy, wait a minute or two and try again once you’re ready. Emphasis on “once you’re ready”.

4. TAKE NIPPLE PLAY TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Are your nips hard-wired to your dick? Lucky you! As much as tongues, fingers and teeth can be fun for exploring those sensations, there are plenty of additional accessories, both extreme and not-so-extreme, that can make your nipple play all that more exciting.

Above, those might look like piercings. But take a closer look at the picture on the top right. Those are actually two little magnetic balls that clench tightly onto your nips for extra pleasure. They’re called the Magno Nip Tuggers—and surprise—you can find them at Fort Troff.

5. BIGGER, BETTER, LONGER: For the man who thinks big isn’t big enough, strap on a Cock Extender to fuck him deeper and stretch him wider. It might feel a little emasculating at first and cause you to ask such grievous questions as “Am I not enough?!?!?”, but it’ll all be worth it when you see the look on his face.

6. OPEN YOUR HOLE TO ME, BABY: Of all the products on Fort Troff‘s site, this one intrigues (and horrifies) me the most. Unlike most butt plugs, the “Ass Tunnel Plug” has a hole in the center, which allows you or your partner to open so WIDE you can (practically?) see inside.

Try it with some Cum Lube for the effect seen in the bottom right pic.

7. DIRRTY BOY: Go got a literally filthy look with Piston Grease, a tinted cream that’s solely intended for masturbational purposes (ie: no butt sex). It smells like leather, it makes you look like you’ve been working hard in the “shop” and it’s so gross-looking that it might turn you on! What more could you ask for?

8. PUT ME IN, COACH (or) PUT IT IN ME, COACH: Get into a bit of locker room roleplay with these sexy-ass football shorts. Wear a jockstrap underneath or go commando. Either way, your package will be bulging like crazy, and your ass will look like it’s ready to get gang-banged by the whole team. Touchdown! You win.

9. NOT YOUR AVERAGE COCK RING: The cock sling combines your standard cock ring with some ball-tugging action, resulting in a unique type of stimulation that you probably can’t understand unless you’ve worn one. (EDITOR’S NOTE: I haven’t worn one. I have one in my desk drawer, but I can’t figure out how to put it on without destroying my nuts.)

10. DOUCHE, MOTHERFUCKER: I know, I know! Did we really need to go there? The fact of the matter is… Well, yes. We did have to go there. Making sure your insides are fully clean can benefit both you and your partner. You’ll have the confidence to go longer and take it like a man, and he won’t have to worry as much about “accidents”.

I’m trying to be coy about this, but I’ll just come out and say it. Poop dick. You won’t have to worry about poop dick. Try the Ergo 2 Douche, and you won’t have to worry (as much) about poop dick.


23 thoughts on “10 Ways To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

  1. uh, since when does  “blog” equal “advertising”? isn’t that sort of corporate editoralism what the internet was supposed to free us from?

  2. I found the article hokey, to be honest.  Fits all the gay stereotypes about always having to pretend during sex instead of trusting a solid and REAL encounter where you both have to focus on just each other and act like adults. 

  3.  They are suppose to be talking about spicing up the bedroom with a partner you already have but I have to admit it is more about advertising products for sale.
    Over time sex can become routine and humdrum and they are offering suggestions to make it more interesting for a couple.
    Love is great in a relationship so is the companionship but it sucks when the sex life is not as much fun as it use to be and becomes more of a need than and actual want.
    Take it from a guy in a 7 year relationship.

  4.  How narrow-minded.  Fetishes are very real, and when engaged in by two people who share them, bring a whole other level of physical AND emotional intensity to the experience.  There is nothing “childlike” about trusting another man enough to let him in and share what turns you on above and beyond the “usual”.  Of course, there is a time and a place for everything, and you don’t act out your fetishes all of the time, and they aren’t for everybody.  If you are acting on them to avoid a “solid and real encounter”, instead of using them to ENHANCE the act, then you have other issues.  I know I don’t share my wants with just anyone…I have to trust them enough to open up like that and be pretty damn sure that they are gonna get something meaningful out of it as well.  It is QUITE the OPPOSITE of “pretend”…being kind of kinky is something that should be taken very seriously between those involved or else it shouldn’t be engaged in at all.  I don’t want someone to be “pretending” to enjoy something we are doing…that defeats the whole purpose of doing it in the first place.

  5. Regarding #9, if you use lube on it first, it’s easier to get around your nuts! You can also adjust it without feeling like you are going to rip your dick off! I had one, but alas, left it at a tricks place. Need to.get another one!

  6. great tips! would try most of them (minus the butt tunnel thing).

    also, bonus points to my love for this blog for the blunt use of poop dick.

  7. First: I wanna work for Fort Troff.  How much fun is that getting to play with all those fun toys!!!!
    Second: The Boston Miles dude is hot and his voice makes me wanna do naughty things to myself…and him.
    Third: The demo video at Fort Troff for that “ass tunnel” is fucking hot! (But don’t watch it if you’re squeemish about watersports…but the cum shot…holy fuck…just another reason to wanna work there).
    Fourth: Thanks for this post, Dewitt.  I’ve got some shopping to do.

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