Twilight Hottie Flaunts His Body

Kellan Lutz, Flaunt magazine

Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz steams up the pages in the new issue of Flaunt magazine. The 24-year-old actor who plays Emmet Cullen in the vampire flick is looking quite yummy in the pictures. I haven't seen Twilight yet, but damn I should.

Tell me why everyone is obsessing over Robert Pattinson? Kellen is the hotter one in my opinion… He can take a bite out of me any day.

– Andy

For more sexy pictures of Kellan, follow the JUMP:

Kellan Lutz, Flaunt magazine
Kellan Lutz, Flaunt magazine

Kellan Lutz, Flaunt magazine

Kellan Lutz, Flaunt magazine

20 thoughts on “Twilight Hottie Flaunts His Body

  1. First Peter Facinelli now Kellen Lutz. . . lets see, we only have what. . . 3 more Twilight guys to put on here? I’m still waiting for the porn spin-off. Something like Guylight. . . IDK. LOL

  2. HOLY SHIT!!!! I’ve seen Twilight, and I knew Emmet Cullen was a hottie, but GOD DAMN!!! Just looking at these pics is cum-worthy!!! LOL!!!! Cum wrap ur mouth around me, Emmet Cullen!!! 😉

  3. I will agree that his body is hot, but there is just something about his face that reminds me of a pig… So I can’t get into him that much.

  4. See, I saw Twilight and all I could think of was, why are people flocking to Robert Pattinson other than the whole star of the movie thing. Kellan Lutz made me stand at attention immediately when I saw him come into view. Hw about we kill off Edward and have Emmett become the main character, obviously he will be shirtless throughout the movie.

  5. I’d do him. I can see the appeal over Robert Pattinson. I’d have a 3way with them. I’d also DP with them. lol. If you don’t know what it means, you’ll never know. :o)

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