Trevor Knight: “As Soon As We Say ‘I Do’ My Adult Film Career Will Be Over For Good”

After watching Trevor Knight‘s painfully cute proposal to boyfriend David Bradberry on Bravo’s Below Deck, we reached out to the modern-day gay porn legend for a quick chat about his relationship, harsh criticism from skeptical haters and, perhaps most importantly, whether or not we’ll still get to see him having orgies or fucking aspiring circus performances in school bathrooms.

You can probably figure out how he answered that last inquiry based on the title of this post, though I assure you, the rest of this five-question interview is worth it for the opportunity to say “aw” about a man who’s made you say “ah” so many times in the past. Real gay love is so, so precious.

– Dewitt

Read our short (but thoroughly sweet) interview with Trevor Knight below:

Trevor Knight and David Bradberry are in love, and "fuck you" if you don't think they'll last.

At what moment did you realize you wanted to spend the rest of your life with David?

I’m going to make all you guys gag throughout this interview! But to be honest, I wanted to marry him the first time I looked into his eyes. {gag} RIGHT!

He walked into the auditions we were having for an independent film I was working on, and I just died. After a day of auditioning other actors, the day was over, so it was a wrap and David just left. The director and I waited around to get things together, when I turned to him and said, “I know this is very unprofessional, but do you think I could have David’s phone number?”

He said, ” You’re silly, Trevor. David asked for your phone number hours ago!”

Right there, I know David was going to be mine! In a traditional manner, I asked his mom and my mother if I could ask David to marry me. Both moms started shaking and screaming “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Trevor Knight and David Bradberry are in love, and "fuck you" if you don't think they'll last.

Describe a typical date night for the two of you.

We don’t really have a date night per se, but we have a “Boyfriend Day” on every Sunday. We start the day with a romp in the sheets! Afterward, w head to the Studio City farmers market, shop for veggies, bread and meat. Then head to brunch. After a few mimosas, we head home for a “snap”. (Sex+nap= snap!) Then, usually, we cook what we bought at the farmers market and watch our sunday night shows. Simple living

Trevor Knight and David Bradberry are in love, and "fuck you" if you don't think they'll last.

Outside of onscreen performances, do you two strive to remain monogamous?

Outside of filming, David and I are completely monogamous. I know many people who are swingers or have open relationships, but I don’t think that would work for us. Both of us are jealous and protective over each other. For us, it would cause issues, I believe.

Trevor Knight and David Bradberry are in love, and "fuck you" if you don't think they'll last.

A lot of people are skeptical of relationships within the adult or entertainment industries. How do you respond to this sort of criticism, or the mere suggestion that you “won’t last”?

Out of my ten years in the industry, I had a five year relationship, a two year relationship, and David and I have been dating for three years now. I think having someone that you care for and can keep you grounded, saves you.

As for the skeptics saying David and I will not last, I say, “fuck you!” David and I have seen divorce and will not let that happen to us. I think we have seen our share of “fame”, and we won’t let that wreck us.

There are really great gay role models that I look up to such as Neil Patrick Harris. He’s a great looking guy with fame and money, but he really wants a home life, a life he can share with another person. I want to get there!

Trevor Knight and David Bradberry are in love, and "fuck you" if you don't think they'll last.

How do you think married life will change your relationship? Will you still remain active as a gay porn performer?

Something tells me not much will change between David and I. We are like every couple, we fight and have disagreements, but we always find a way to compromise or even just give in sometimes. A piece of paper will not change or impact that.

They say sex goes downhill once you get hitched. That’s not possible between David and I! The sexual sparks David and I have for each other glow really strong and bright. Age will not change that!

As soon as we say “I do” my adult film career will be over for good. I truly believe in the sanctity of marriage, and for me to sleep with other people for money, that just doesn’t work. I’ve been attending voice-over classes in Burbank, CA, so soon enough, you can still hear my raspy deep voice on video games and commercials. I can put the years of moaning and dirty talk to use!

And, with that, we say goodbye to the “Trevor Knight” who’s kept our dicks hard over all these years, and hello to the man who will be spending the rest of his life with his partner David Bradberry. We’re happy for you, Trevor! But we’ve got to admit, we’re going to miss seeing you in scenes like this:

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UPDATE – Essential information for gay porn fans, via Twitter:

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20 thoughts on “Trevor Knight: “As Soon As We Say ‘I Do’ My Adult Film Career Will Be Over For Good”

  1. Trevor is one of my all-time favorite performers. I will certainly miss seeing new material, but there are plenty of scenes from the past that I still get off watching. I wish him and David all the best in their life together!

  2. Good luck with that plan. Changing for someone else is rarely a good thing, especially if it involves giving up something you enjoy or is important to you (like say your career). Still I wish them well and all the best with their relationship. Equality rocks.

  3. It’s not bestiality unless we consummate the marriage! We’d just do things normal married couple do like fight, watch bad reality TV shows and not ever have sex.

  4. well I guess that puts my fantasy of riding Trevor’s big dick to rest . Trevor if you read this I’ve wanted to f*** with you ever since I saw you in Pittsburgh…. best of luck to you both you make a beautiful couple

  5. I disagree with his point- if you’ve been happily doing porn this long, why bother stopping just for “a piece of paper”…. but, sincerely, good for him. Good luck.

  6. aww so cute. Looks like they both feel in love with each other at first sight. I think I am in the wrong business :p

  7. I just had an idea. Why don’t they just get it on together and film the results? Too precious to share? Fair enough if that is the case.

  8. If Trevor had groomsmen I think it would be humorous if they were all the guys he’s performed with. That would be one massive wedding party!

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