Top Or Bottom: Andy Cohen

It was THIS close to saying John Travolta up there, but that would have been little to no challenge. Andy Cohen is the adorable host of what is probably the worst show on television – Watch What Happens Live. It’s a combination of pain and delight up in that bitch when actually talented people have to go on to whore their movies out and endure the Bravo audiences’ stupid ass questions. And Andy is the queen of that castle!

He recently told Parade magazine that he’s ready to settle down, and he’s looking for his better half. Or let’s face it, he’s looking for someone who won’t mind being Mrs. Andy Cohen! You know it’s all about Andy Cohen 24-7 and 365 with him!

Once his prospective partner has realized that, do we think he’ll be hosting Cohen’s heels on his shoulders or will Andy have him on all fours? Vote!

– J. Harvey

36 thoughts on “Top Or Bottom: Andy Cohen

  1. I love Andy Cohen and think he is cute and adorkable.  Probably very verbal in bed…

  2. a friend of my neighbors cousins friend did him… versatile but loves big dildos up his arse

  3. Who cares what sexual position he takes – is he a caring, warm open hearted individual. The rest can always be worked on…..that’s more important to me vs. if I get a cock up my ass or vice versa. 

  4. Your priorities are really backwards. True gay men care about (in no particular order) age, sexual position, cock size, and overall looks above all else.

  5. I don’t believe that. He looks, and vibes, as a total bottom. He should have his legs on my shoulders!

  6. total bottom…did you see how Teresa on RHONJ flung him like a rag doll on the season 2 reunion show?

  7. I had never heard of him until this, but he “looks like” a total bottom to me. I would guess that he likes to get his face fucked as well. But, then, what do I know; my gaydar has not functioned properly for years.

  8. You know this is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, right? As in it’s all in fun.

    I see TrueGayMan has sarcastic down pat :-P, well done.

  9. From my viewpoint, he looks too dumb to handle any other role than the top… Mind you, tops usually are quite smart and clever, so he’ll be the exception to the rule.

  10. It takes a good bottom to know how to be a good top. Stop pigeon holing yourselves and everyone else with your selfish rules. What’s wrong with being open to either position depending on the chemistry between you.

  11. I’d sooo marry him (I’m a straight girl) and let him do his thing, bring guys home. He is sooo hot! I have a thing for gay Jewish men…I don’t know why, but I totally fantasize about being married to a gay man…as long as I get atleast 1 kid (traditional way), I’d sooo love to raise the kid together. He can do his own thing. Bring men home–we can hang out and stuff.

  12. don’t care if he is a top or bottom, just picture his hairy ass stradling my face as
    my tongue explores his pick pucker!  😀

  13. I’ve got a suggestion, what about combining the “Top or Bottom” with the “Man of the Week?”  When you identify someone you want to post, have them change their MH profile to “Guess” or something similar and have the members who want to, vote based on a real person.  The problem with making guesses like this with actors and other celebrities is that we’ve got too much possibility to project our own desires on these public figures.  If you take a profile along with their answers to your questions, it could let us have fun by guessing at real men who some of us would have a chance to meet in real time.

  14. he looks hot i dont care what hes like just let me get naked and he can do whatever he wants

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