Lukas Gage says a ‘manic episode’ led to his marriage to Chris Appleton

Lukas Gage is opening up about what led to his six-month marriage to Chris Appleton. Gage, who is appearing in the upcoming Road House remake, went on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to talk about his short-lived romance with the famous hairstylist. “I was surprised that you […]

Guess which gay pop star ‘White Lotus’ stud Theo James might play in an upcoming biopic

HBO’s buzzy satire The White Lotus has been nothing but a boon to its stars, elevating their careers to new heights with plenty of awards, stans, and juicy roles heading their way. The next due for their big follow-up is dreamy English actor Theo James, who memorably […]

Andy Cohen says he’s “back and healthy” after recovering from COVID-19

It’s easy to get bogged down by all the bad coronavirus news, so here’s a bit of good news. Andy Cohen says he’s “back and healthy” after recovering from COVID-19. Last week, the 51-year-old alerted fans that he had tested positive for coronavirus. In an Instagram post, Cohen wrote: […]

Popular Demand: The Week of Sean Cody Video Previews & The Bewildering Popularity of Andy Cohen’s Downright Charming Love Handles

Of all the things that happened last week, you were (apparently) most excited about Sean Cody‘s free video previews. It’s been five weeks since any post has been able to top The Cock Buffet on our Popular Demand round-ups, but the promise of seeing hot […]