Those French Anti-Gay Protesters Are Wasting All That Sexy On Being Total Dickheads

One thing about the US? Our bigots (at least the ones who are open about their bigotry) are usually fug. Picture the last anti-gay protest you saw on TV, or the last time you saw a homophobic talking head on a news program. I predict they were gross in the face, with an effed-up haircut and not caring a whit about their appearance. It’s like the hate has marked them!

What I find disappointing is that the opposite seems to be the case in France. Their homophobes are kinda hot! They’ve got body. And, when they’re not being cowardly fucks and hiding behind masks, they’re often cute. It’s not fair! If there was any justice in the world, their hate should make them hunchbacks with smallpox face.

But just because they’re hot doesn’t make them smart. The first two pics below were taken at the latest protest by French anti-same sex marriage group La Manif Pour Tous. It’s their latest homophobic yet homoerotic display of idiocy. Hmmm, a bunch of shirtless guys climbing on top of each other to reach the top of a POLE to demonstrate against gay people. The subtext! They also like running around shirtless in overalls, wearing masks, and taking beaches after sweaty rowing (see the video below). It’s very self-defeating. Perhaps they think they’re mocking the LGBT community? We’re enjoying their efforts, because they’re coming off as super-gay. Gay marriage is legal in France, so they failed badly. But they looked hot doing it. Perhaps they should stage a blowjob-a-thon with each other. Some cock-sucking would definitely get their point across.

These dudes would be perfect for hate-fucking. And their pole climbing sucks. The US Navy does it way better. 

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: La Manif Pour Tous





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8 thoughts on “Those French Anti-Gay Protesters Are Wasting All That Sexy On Being Total Dickheads

  1. These are the rich white catholic folks that live in the 16th district if they are from Paris.

    You can tell by their haircut and their shoes !! lol

    My advice: don’t try to act thuggish, you are the people that have never faced adversity for anything in your life and the only time you find fit to protest against something is to deprive OTHERS from having rights.
    Entitled buffoons.

  2. Same story different country…”We have rights that we don’t want you to have…reason?…Gawd says so”…well to them as well as to those in this country that preach hate…fuck you…don’t care about your Gawd, faith or beliefs…here’s one for you…my God doesn’t need you or your hate…The day has dawned on civil rights for all…we will not be stopped despite of your hate filled agenda…

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