Thomas Synnamon Introduces Michael

Michael Sensitif, Thomas Synnamon

Photographer Thomas Synnamon is bringing us a new hottie, at least new to me, with his new spread for French magazine Sensitif. The guy's name is Michael and he's damn sexy!

It's mostly him posing in his underwear, which is all I need! Well… I wouldn't mind if he took for the underwear for at least one shot, but this is enough to get my Halloween night going!

– Andy

Photo Credit: Thomas Synnamon/Sensitif

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Michael Sensitif, Thomas Synnamon

Michael Sensitif, Thomas Synnamon

Michael Sensitif3

Michael Sensitif, Thomas Synnamon

Michael Sensitif, Thomas Synnamon

Michael Sensitif, Thomas Synnamon

14 thoughts on “Thomas Synnamon Introduces Michael

  1. Is it just me or do those last two photos look almost like stylized drawings. Regardless, he’s damn near perfect for me, easily the best on here for several months. And that includes the hair. If you need a model to see your product, you can’t go much better, if at all.

  2. Good lord, another pretty-boy with a perfect body. The gay communities obsession “washboard” abs continues.

  3. I recognize he is cute but not my type. No, I wouldn’t do him because he looks to much like a manequin and I’m more into the Dean Flynn type. Real men with beards and hairy chests. YEAH!

  4. So just because a guy takes care of himself he’s not realistic? Sorry for working out. I mean yeah he is almost to pretty but lets be real he is hot!

  5. Maybe those who criticize him(and other hot models) should post their pics here…
    I dunno if the criticism is the matter of either
    1 – pure logic because [those] critics know that they will never be able to attain the masculinity body perfection that the models have thus they exerts social resistance to resent the social conformity or
    2 – is just a matter of ignorant perception about what is masculine (and what is beauty) and the failure of the critics to comprehend and appreciate the beauty of creation (or evolution). Thus they tend to continue living in the fake reality acoording to their inner perception and never cares about their body, eating habits or even exercise. The end on this path can be fatal due to the society look down at them as irresponsible which can lead to social isolation, depression and heart attack.
    I hope the argument falls into the first point than the second one since the later may contradicts the laws of physics.

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