This Video of Henry Cavill Building a PC Has Everyone Thirsty AF

Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill never ceases to amaze us with his thirst-trappery. The Witcher star, who is a totally adorable gamer nerd in his own right, uploaded a video to his Instagram account yesterday that shows the long process of him building his own custom PC. 

While someone building their own gaming computer isn’t normally news (I mean, tons of people do it all the time and there are a ton of videos on YouTube already of gamers showing off their cool setups), because Henry Cavill is Henry Cavill and has the literal physique of a superhero and a Greek god, people were immediately hypnotized by him.

Especially since he’s wearing a tank top during most of the video, showing off his massive Superman arms.

Of course the internet freaked out. (What else did you expect??)

Via Pride

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