This Video of Élite’s Omar & Ander in a Threeway Kiss Is Sexy AF

Just when we thought Élite — Netflix’s angsty, murderous, Spanish teen series that has taken the world by storm — couldn’t get any queerer, we were just blessed with a season 4 promotional video that is promising fans some serious (and sexy) gay drama. 

In a clip that was posted to social media recently, we see our fave TV couple Omar (Omar Ayuso) & Ander (Arón Piper) getting close — but this time, the longtime twosome aren’t alone. A third character named Patrick (played by Élite newbie Manu Rios) shows up and is vying for Ander’s attention, and it looks like Omar isn’t having any of it. That is until all three of them started getting it on…together. (And from the looks of the entire gorgeous cast, who could blame them?)

“f*ck conventions” the caption simply reads, and suddenly, we are extremely intrigued. 

After teasing their first sapphic, WLW romance earlier this month, it’s safe to say Élite‘s fourth season is going to be the queerest one yet! Is it June 18 yet!?? Élite season 4 premieres this June on Netflix!

Via Attitude

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