This Smooth, Raunchy São Paulo Bottom Is VERY Fuckable.

Calling all tops! There is a muscular, 28 year-old man in Brazil who looks like he just stepped out of a ’90s underwear catalogue, and if my translation of his profile headline can be relied upon at all, he’s looking for big cocks to break him mercilessly. You read that right—this sculpted beauty is looking to be dominated and turned into your little bitch for the night.

It almost seems too good to be true? But if MlkSarado28‘s the real deal, then any porn studios reading this should snatch him up, fly him to wherever you’re located and fill his hungry hole with as many hard, huge dicks as possible. He also seems to enjoy taking cum and piss on his face, if that helps add to the appeal for you.

– Dewitt

Check out additional pictures of Manhunt member MlkSarado28 below:







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23 thoughts on “This Smooth, Raunchy São Paulo Bottom Is VERY Fuckable.

  1. Heavens above, I hate it too when I got to drink milk from the bottle and it spills all down my front while in my whitey tighties…

    Jokes aside, he is hot. Unf!

  2. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again… God, I do have to move to Brazil.
    Is it in the water, is it in the air, maybe it’s in the milk???

  3. Damn he’s fuckable – got to agree about the ears and the legs – bet his hole is super smooth and tasty. Best you’ve featured in a long while

  4. as a born and bred brazilian guy, I’m pretty sure this guy is a fake. usually in brazil, good looking muscular guys aren’t so open about what they really want in their profiles (at least when they show their faces, most guys here don’t do it). it’s really unusual to see a guy like him being so open about being fucked and used like a slut into his profile… he is an amazingly hot guy nonetheless

  5. I’m always wary Of Brazilians…. from my experience, either they are waaaaaaay overrated, or I am one unlucky homosexual….

  6. I generally like my raunchy Sao Paulo bottoms on the more hairy side but I’ll bang this dude anyway!

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