This Muscular, Spanish Top Is Packing 7.5 Inches Uncut.

To be completely upfront, you will not see this muscular, Spanish top’s 7.5 inch uncut dick by the end of this post. You’d have to get him to unlock on Manhunt, where you can find him under the name CHULETE30. Actually, I don’t even know if he has a picture of his schlong in his private pictures (because I am obviously an angel who would never abuse administrative privileges to take a peek).

That said, do you even need to see what’s lurking in those briefs? This man is a complete god! Imagine throwing in your ankles in the air and seeing his chiseled body above you, thrusting deep and hard into your hungry, hungry hole. No, really! Please take a moment to imagine that.

– Dewitt

Check out additional pictures of Manhunt member CHULETE30 below:






Head over here to see more pics, view his profile or send him a message.



12 thoughts on “This Muscular, Spanish Top Is Packing 7.5 Inches Uncut.

  1. Mmmmmm… damn those Spaniards. So damn hot. I would buy him new shoes though. I realize it’s nitpicking but those sneakers really bother me. lol

  2. My mama always said you ain’t gotta see their face when your in your knees in front of them.

    (Full disclosure: my mother would never say anything of this sort. She, unlike me, is classy and conservative.)

  3. I mean don’t get me wrong…there’s nothing better on me, than is on him…by any stretch…but it’s obvious why he’s worked so hard on having that body…whew…he’s got a beautiful body that’s for sure

  4. I’m hope I’m wrong…But seeing the pics I couldn’t feel even a drop of masculinity in him. It’s like as he would had written all over his body and face: ” Big Mary “. He has the body and face of a man but not the manners and it shows in the pics.

  5. Who the fuck cares? As a community, we need to stop treating masculinity as if it’s a virtue.

    There is nothing wrong with being a “Big Mary”, even if you don’t personally find that attractive.

  6. LOL. Sorry but personaly I can’t appreciete this… let’s say ” alternative behavior ” so I care. Nothing agains big marys themselves: Let them be ( …but for me… No thanks ).

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