This meme drags the “sad gay countryside movie” genre

By now, we queer cinephiles know how many gay movies end in death and despair, but a recent Reddit meme spotlights how often countrysides provide bucolic backdrops to all that misery.The image — an iteration of the “Behold! My Stuff” meme featuring Skurge, Karl Urban’s character in Thor: Ragnarok — shows off a collection of “gay countryside movies.”

With a requisite spoiler warning, these are the films cited:

  • Maurice, the 1987 movie in which James Wilby and Hugh Grant play lovers who fail to find a happily-ever-after in the English countryside.
  • Brokeback Mountain, the 2005 Wyoming-set romance that ends in tragedy for Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal’s characters.
  • Tom at the Farm, the 2013 film about a mourning man visiting his deceased boyfriend’s family in rural Canada.
  • God’s Own Country, the 2017 movie in which Josh O’Connor and Alec Secăreanu play Yorkshire farmhands engaged in a rocky romance.
  • Land of Storms, the 2014 film depicting a fatal entanglement between two men in rural Hungary.
  • A Moment in the Reeds, the 2017 flick in which a relationship between two men at a Finnish lake house reaches a sad conclusion.
  • And, of course, Call Me By Your Name, the 2017 film in which a graduate student and a teen embark on an ill-fated romance in the Italian countryside.

“I’m sure there are more,” the original poster wrote in the Reddit thread. Commenters on the post agreed with the meme — though some pointed out that Maurice and God’s Own Country have moments of happiness, at least. Another user, meanwhile, wrote, “Ah yes, my biography.”

Via Queerty

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