Élite Hunk Manu Ríos Cast in Almodóvar’s ‘New Brokeback Mountain’

Manu Ríos is breaking out of Élite. Best known for playing the always chaotic Patrick on the hit Netflix series, Ríos has now landed a major movie role in the upcoming Pedro Almodóvar film that is being described as his “answer to Brokeback Mountain.” The working title for the movie […]

This meme drags the “sad gay countryside movie” genre

By now, we queer cinephiles know how many gay movies end in death and despair, but a recent Reddit meme spotlights how often countrysides provide bucolic backdrops to all that misery.The image — an iteration of the “Behold! My Stuff” meme featuring Skurge, Karl Urban’s character in Thor: Ragnarok — […]

Must-Watch In Quarantine: ‘Shelter’, a classic feel-good gay movie

You’ve probably already seen the “gay surfer” movie, Shelter (at least once). You may even own a copy. And it’s no surprise. It’s one of those feel-good, endlessly rewatchable movies we just love to love. Need a little convincing? Here are five reasons to give this gay classic […]